Friday, October 1, 2010

If China becomes BIG Brother, what will India hope for?

Asian countries are dumping US dollar, and many countries are claiming dollar can no longer be world standard for exchange of currencies.!
US govt is printing cash, like hell. Many economic pundits are expecting crash of dollar.
US unemployment is still at alarming levels, despite (or due to ?) Obama's medications.
And US is biggest debtor country today, and China is the biggest creditor nation !!!

To cut the long story short, it looks like the end of numero uno status of America ! Obviously China is going to be (or is it already is?) 'Big brother' for all. Whatever it be for rest of the world, it's not really good for India!

India can't stand it, nor it can do much about it. India can't be too friendly (playing second fiddle to) with China, nor otherwise!

Our only hope is USA can  at least stay where it's now! And it looks most unlikely, and it's really bad!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have you got your viewpoint ?

When you read a post or news item, you may n't have time to check what the author is saying, or whether you got anything out of it...not all the time.

Hence it's time filler? May be sadly! hence it's necessary to check once in a while, and to spare a few minutes & think  how our study is of any value!

If you understand that author's viewpoint, it's good, no matter whether you relate to it or not!

If you grasped author's viewpoint, and you identified you own viewpoint - whether it's differing with authors, or in line with author's to whatever degree, perhaps it's better & absolutely proper thing to do - you made the most of your time spent to read.

In our busy lives, it's not uncommon for people to read through a lot of things, without understanding a thing. But unless you do it properly,  it's nothing but time-passing, and nothing more indeed.

The best way to check whether you are doing right thing, esp when you are reading online, is to comment on what you read. When you express, you express yourself - and it helps you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why people age ( at all ) ?

Looks to me: No one needs to grow old - I mean 'if the growing old means growing weak with age'.

But we still age, as we know no other way!  For we have seen every one else aging with each passing day!

Aging is identified with growing sick! Of course that's true, as very few people become healthy as they grow old. And they are very exceptional, and but they follow the suit with others sooner or later, as they too know no other way! 

As soon as man enters into adolescent age, he starts developing negative or stressful perspective about life, to the varying degree. Sooner or later it's affecting  his mentality, and hence  physiology. This effect keep on advancing as no one really tries to stop it, nor it's easy to do so. 

The basic damage that can be felt, when something, even very primitive, happens that we don't like, is on our nervous system. Believe all other diseases happen and hasten to the extent the nervous system is bad or damaged. If your nervous system is in the right state, you are absolutely healthy. Nervous system is at the receiving end of our continued thought patterns & habitual actions, and is very much a victim of conflict between the two.

No medicine can save us, if there's big tug-of-war between our thoughts and actions. But everyone prefers medicine as short cut to relieve pain, which does n't work in the long run. Life becomes complicated, if our thoughts and actions(habits or emotions) going in different directions.

It's not easy to align your actions with your thoughts or thought processes, and but it happens with being a little more objective. It requires work on your mind and emotions. But if you can do that basic thing, you are in the right direction to slow 'aging process'. And it's the right thing to do.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Are doctors injurious to health ?

This subject has been in the making for long time, and,  as it started when I was 11 or 12 years old.

My observations:
  • The more doctors in your close circle or in your family, you tend know more about diseases, and more probably you get at least some of them, if not in addition to.
  • No doctor I came across was or is really healthy!
  • All doctors are there to make live experiments on their patients' bodies ( some work out  and  some don't.), and either way they make money.  
Personally or otherwise I have seen enough incidents, that make me think many times if I have to visit a doctor for any reason. Every time doctors may not be wrong, as I have seen a few good doctors as well, and hence the problem is there are only a few good doctors out there. Hence manytimes suspicion about doctors' ability and credibility rules over any belief in them.
  • During my childhood,  I have seen a dentist in Govt hospital asking (without actually examining) a kid  which tooth to pluck out & that dentist did remove the pointed tooth (without trying to validate/ verify)!
  • In Bangalore, a healthy lady in her thirties came to  a star hospital  for some headache, and she never gone back home, as in literally 3 days, she's no more.
  • A dentist has broken an adjoining tooth of patient while trying to work on a tooth ! 
  • So many cesarean operations, only because that's a chance for doctors/ hospitals to earn more.
  • A friend's pregnant wife was scared (without reason) by a reputed gynecologist that the kid will have a limp in leg, whereas when delivered the born kid was absolutely healthy, and the kid is 5 now.
  • A famous heroine's mother was treated right side of brain, while she had to be treated on the other side. 
  • on and on and on....
... there won't be an end to this list, many of them reflect a system, that needs immediate treatment. Finding wheat from chaff is not easy, finding the best doctor from the rest is not easy, but that's a must for us all  to protect our health day-in day-out.

In some areas some doctors are renowned, but that's not sure a way to say they are the best. Perhaps it just worked for them, in the same way  a stone gets a roof in the form of temple in many villages, and gets staunch devotees, without reason.

Is there a way we can get to know the best medical help or hospitals in any city/town/village? As without which it's like lighting candle and keeping it exposed, and it's not good for any one's health, and it's in fact injurious mostly.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

India - where in the world?

Not sure anyone can make any impact on masses, unless you are top in stardom or you belong to Indira Gandhi family ! May be it's not an impact either, except that they used the people's minds over time for their survival or growth, at times may n't be intentionally.

In this country, can anyone aim to become a CM or PM by being fair in all dealings? It's not in our culture to appreciate ambition, and actually that looks the most selfish, if one has such aims. Our culture has innate belief that anything selfish is bad, worse and the worst!

But everyone has desires. But no body dares to freely express the same. Desires are looked upon as bad, no matter what they may be - good or bad. So a good person is supposed to have no desires, lest he will be called selfish, or weak person. Successful is the person, who has no personal desires, feelings and emotions, and  is all for public good. People believe them with lightening speed.

Politicians, top players in many fields became professional at playing this trick! Every politican moslty talks about poor or SC/ST people, as if it is unquestionable or invincible mantra! Common man is god of all! No one appreciates ability, and everyone's all time preoccupation is dealing with inability, not to contain it, but to encash it. 

There are no ideals any more. Only cheating is there, widespread. We keep one thing in mind, and by the times it comes out, it will have different colour and taste. More parasites (than producers), and their number keeps growing every second. More dependents than independents. India has no position in the world other than being second largest populated country ( & sure can overtake China in this soon). India has among the least living space per head, as we are densely populated. And no one started taking this seriously. 

When this degeneration started in this country? Why our fore-fathers were so rich, so much intellectually, and far advanced in science & technology ? Why our Indians never invaded any other country? Why we never seriously wanted to become numero uno in any thing in the world? We only hoped with childish curiosity that it happens somehow. 

Where is India - where in the world?
Do we have answers?
Can we turn around all this towards & for growth?
A new leadership is in the horizon?
How to identify & nourish the same, before it gets lost?
Where is India - where in the world? 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

7 ways to beat traffic blues!

All  cities are on a daily basis clogged with long traffic jams.

Cities became synonymous with traffic jams,  it's as if no one can do anything about it. Perhaps no one can do much really. For politicians, politics is full time profession, have nothing else in their mind. And without political will, nothing happens in this country, as of now.

I wish MNC infrastrcture & planning companies with big pockets, with a lot of spare money to influence politicians, find a great business potential in executing innovative solutions for this, and wish they go for the same.

We don't know when these things actually happen. Till then we have to protect ourselves & our businesses, to the possible extent, from being stuck in traffic jams. 

A few tips, are as below, can save the day for anyone:
  1. If your office starts at 8:30am, be there by 7:30. Advantages : 1) you will develop a descipline that increases your self esteem, and that might help you throughout the day 2) You will have more time to do, hence you can do more. You will have a chance to be too good at work that your boss can't ignore you any more. 3)You will have chance to start you day in a positive mood, as you have avoided traffic, which is real negative.
  2. Commute in odd hours: don't go on to the road, when everyone else will go. It requires some planning, but you will feel good wherever you might be headed.
  3. shop in odd hours: 1) You will feel more at ease. 2) you can have sales guys' time as needed on shop floor 3)generally in odd hours there are a lot of offers that you may avail of. 4) parking convenience 5)You can bargain better, as you are not in a rush
  4. Traffic updates from FM radios are helpful sometimes - to avoid being stuck.  
  5. Whenever you have time, try to find/explore a short cut to any place you go quite often. Manytimes  we find main roads are jammed, while the adjoining small roads/streets are amost empty. 
  6. Try to finish off as many as tasks as possible, whenever you go out. eg., after you deposit a cheque in a bank, on your way back, you may send a courier, and after that you may want to  take your car to near by mechanic to get something fixed, and on the way back you may stop at near by shopping complex to buy groceries. etc We all do this more or less, but with a little planning you can  do much more - you save time & fuel, avoid being in traffic multiple times. 
  7. Our commute must have an objective : a purpose or fun. If purpose can n't be met by chat, email or phone call, go for it. If you just want to go for a ride just for fun, go for it. Without these no go.
More time with family is the best & a lots of fun. More time at work helps you prosper. Un-necessarily why to spend more time on jammed roads ?

I  think these are helpful, I personally follow these. Wold love to know how you beat traffic blues? On top of expecting governments to do something, what you yourself are doing? Eager to hear from you... 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why India is still a developing country?

I happened to recieve a mail from one of our friends, source of the mail not known. But it's so compelling, I felt like sharing the same as it is. So this is like a 'guest post' by unknown, till I get to know the source.

An Old Story:
The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house and laying up supplies for the winter. The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away. Come winter, the Ant is warm and well fed. The Grasshopper has no food or shelter so he dies out in the cold.

Indian Version:
The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house and laying up supplies for the winter. The Grasshopper thinks the Ant's a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away. Come winter, the shivering Grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the Ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and starving. NDTV, BBC, CNN show up to provide pictures of the shivering Grasshopper next to a video of the Ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

The World is stunned by the sharp contrast. How can this be that this poor Grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

Arundhati Roy stages a demonstration in front of the Ant's house.
Medha Patkar goes on a fast along with other Grasshoppers demanding that Grasshoppers be relocated to warmer climates during winter .
Mayawati states this as `injustice' done on Minorities.
Amnesty International and Koffi Annan criticize the Indian Government for not upholding the fundamental rights of the Grasshopper.
The Internet is flooded with online petitions seeking support to theGrasshopper (many promising Heaven and Everlasting Peace for prompt support as against the wrath of God for non-compliance) . 
Opposition MPs stage a walkout. Left parties call for ' Bengal Bandh' in West Bengal and Kerala demanding a Judicial Enquiry.
CPM in Kerala immediately passes a law preventing Ants from working hard in the heat so as to bring about equality of poverty among Ants and
Mamta Bannerji allocates one free coach to Grasshoppers on all Indian Railway Trains, aptly named as the 'Grasshopper Rath'.
Finally, the Judicial Committee drafts the ' Prevention of TerrorismAgainst Grasshoppers Act' [POTAGA], with effect from the beginning of the
Kapil Sibbal makes 'Special Reservation ' for Grasshoppers in Educational Institutions & in Government Services.

The Ant is fined for failing to comply with POTAGA and having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes,it's home is confiscated by the Government and handed over to the Grasshopper in a ceremony covered by NDTV.
Arundhati Roy calls it ' A Triumph of Justice'.
Mamta calls it 'Socialistic Justice '.
CPM calls it the ' Revolutionary Resurgence of the Downtrodden '
Koffi Annan invites the Grasshopper to address the UN General Assembly.

Many years later....
The Ant has since migrated to the US and set up a multi-billion dollar company in Silicon Valley ,
100s of Grasshoppers still die of starvation despite reservation somewhere in India , ......AND

As a result of loosing lot of hard working Ants and feeding thegrasshoppers
India is still a developing country…!?!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

On lies: Lie +F (Fun)=LiFe

Lying is a very common trait...
Some people don't lie, but for many people lying is a daily thing.
Some lie purposely, while some lie without a reason!
Some lie expertly, while when some lie, it's trasperant like water.
Some lie for profit, while some lie for sadism!
Some lie to save life, while some lie to take life!
Some lie, while some make a truth out of a lie!
Some lie to project, and some lie to eject ! 
Some lie to promote, and some might lie to demote, or to evade any action.

For some 'Life is a lie', for some 'Lie(s) is life'.
Both are bad to experience, pity them 'both some', for they are missing life!

When lying is good?
If you lie, and you'll follow up it with only  bigger & more enjoyable truth. 
When you lie for fun: ie.,  Lie +F (Fun)=LiFe.

When you strongly feel it's the only right thing to do. (but This is subjective!)

But what happens when you lie a lot? 
Perhaps you have made a mistake, and you started a series of lies to cover it up!

When you lie - you have to remember what you said. So everytime you lie, and don't lie, you have to remember all your lies, so no conflict among your lies. This causes lot of stress & tension mentally & physically. Moreover the other party can always find out what you are saying - you can't control!

Life means progress& fun. But when you always and totally preoccupied with worries about your lies and trying to save your face with further lies, not only you are losing your present time, you are damaging your physical health, and you are mentally at the bottom, and utterly ill-equipped for future! If you are wealthy, it's your doctors' blessing. Bu the best gift can't bring smile in your face, and the best opportunity (GOD) can't save you. 

You have to start right from where you are, and start being truthful to yourself! Things may n't pick up fast, but that happens eventually. You will start feeling good! If saying truth is not comfortable, don't say - but don't lie. And don't repeat mistakes! Your life will turn around. You have to start living this wonderful opportunity called life! You can start doing that by being being truthful to yourself!

When is the last time you lied, and you are glad (still) you did?  Please share your experience that might trigger an interesting and tickling debate!

Monday, April 5, 2010

the easies - whose gain?

It's so easy to get easy that you won't know until after some time.

Many a time you 'll feel direction-less and lost when you are aiming for a direction.

You feel like no-sense in sticking around, and smartness in giving up.

No-one promised you that life is fair, but you have the habit of complaining that 'life is not fair'.

It's so easy to copy, while to innovate you may need  a lot of focus and action!

It's easy to follow someone, while not giving damn about the same!

It's easy to follow your parents, your elders, and your communities, while growing beyond or despite them is not. Standing up for yourself is not.

It's easy to respond to an itching or a temptation.

It's easy & be smug sleeping till late in the morning.

It's easy to swallow, and hence you rarely chew!

It's easy to complain, than to oblige or take responsibility?

It's easy to watch TV for hours.

It's easy to skip thru pages than understanding and putting the stuff to any use.

It's easy to team up with inferiors feeling the smartest...

It's easier to walk than to run, and it's even easier to sit & sleep.

It's easier to nod than to think on one's feet!


None of these easy things make your life better by an inch.  The more easies you adopt in your life,the more your life is hell and the quicker!

If a producer devised an end product to make one's life easier, it's producer's gain, as he captured and met the demand of humanity. It's waste for everyone else unless they start thinking about' how this new tool can be put to better usage'.

Monday, March 22, 2010

blog ideas

Perhaps due to being still early stage into blogging, due to not getting enough time to take out for focussed reading, My posts still remain too generic perhaps for some more time.

And I felt at this stage, keeping my pen busy is more important than whether I'm defining into a niche area!  
Enough justfications to myself.

While going through my notes I came across many blog ideas I jotted down, over a period of last one week, with an intention to dwell upon each a post.

  • Which phone is best fit for your needs? Iphone, blackberry or any other non-smart phone?  : I was in the process to buy a phone best fit for my needs, and I felt there's no thorough blog to help any one to come to a buying decision.
  • In my previous post I mentioned about  Ugadi panchangam ( Predictions) . And today morning I was going through some slide-show for 'Social Media predictions 2010'.      That was good for thought, and I think, at the end of 2010 nothing from the predictions may make any sense. But the idea of predicting something piqued my interest.  Hence I'll be writing  a post with some title like ' Do we need predictors or predictions?'   Let's see how this comes out.
  • Today I saw on TV, one state communist leader's unveiling a (rediculous) plan to give Rs10000 per month for every unemployee  in the country.  I wonder is there any limit to lunacy of these communist leaders !  And the worse is no politician can publicly condemn, nor explain perils we have ahead of us, if we don't think further than this. Perhaps I can write a big post condemning all obsoletely idealistic communists.
  • Well, I have another idea for creating job creation  at micro level , that can be useful for all employees as well as unemployees, and should definitely work out with employers hiring them. I want to club that idea with Lo-So networks, I think it's perfect combination. I really look forward to much reaserched workable plan, and before that a blog post that thoroughly explains the same, to share the same with the world at large.
These are a few, I have in mind, and in my note book.  Hope I will be able to do justice for these ideas. I wish to know if there are any posts anyone come across with same ideas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twitter: Another status symbol?

In India 30 yrs back having a TV and a phone connection was sign of a few rich. They might be using TV, as it's best box for time pass ever invented, but they may n't be using phone really except as a status symbol, nor many knew how to place a call ( as it's not as easy as now-a-days).

Ambassador Car was another status symbol even till some 15 years back.

Generally status symbols are used more for impressing or scaring others than being much beneficial use, for the owner. It can also imply  that they who have these status symbols do n't want to be left behind, at least seemingly, than others whoever are already having the same.

That is 'Status symbol' used to serve a psychological need than any real need. There are as many such symbols as there are people in India, and at every level it's its convenient forms and shapes. 

They have short life or long life, based on how difficult or easy everyone else can own the same.

10-12 years back, having a cell phone was again a status symbol. Many had bought that new gadget just to say they are a class above the rest.  Such class of people really felt bad and sad when every body started using cell phone. 

Now most  educated and employed are on all kinds of social networks. Many are there because they don't want to feel bad when somebody cries aloud about 'power of web 2.0' with unlimited excitement. 

Right now every one is having twitter accounts set up, after a few or no tweets, they are not coming back. They are there just not to be behind, but are not trying to know how to make further use of it.  This is perhaps another status symbol  for the time being!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ugadi panchangam

If you are happy on Ugadi, you'll be happy rest of whole year! And if you are sad, you will be definitely be sad the whole year! Even now many people believe that.

So everyone tries to be happy just for this day, at least. And it's really scary that if you are n't happy on Ugadi, you will be miserable for whole year!

Many people are experts at trying to be happy, rather than being happy. That's even more true that people try very hard not to be unhappy. The bottomline is many are scared of being miserable. Whatever outward expression may be, internally they are more unbalanced, desperate to be happy and prone to be unhappy.

Many are more unbalanced today because, everyone is curious about what prediction says about their next year, and that means they obviously don't believe in their own efforts. Or they feel a need  to validated, inspite or on top of their efforts.

In most of the temples, on Ugadi day the priest reads out from panchangam for all belong to respective raasi, about their income, expense, respect, or otherwise in society.  And no body notices that all they read are so generic that that can be applicable to anyone anywhere around the globe.

People may find it's all farce, but they got used to the ritual, and they don't want to think and instead want to believe it all the more.

Monday, March 15, 2010

One post a day

One blog post everyday... that's what I thought I will be doing soon if I blog for 1-2 posts a week.

Till Feb -end I was able to do, but after that in last 14 days, I have n't written single post. 1-2 remained at draft stage.

May be because, by and large, as  I have more than a few interests, that includes career, I may need sometime to make up my mind about the shape or color of blog it's going to be. Whatever it be, it'll be surely a value add for most readers, and definitely to me. And I won't write more than one blog, I'd like give  single minded focus.

I have unique experiences and understandings in many aspects, now am contemplating for a blog, I'll be able to deliberate upon many one by one, and can create interesting & insightful read with each.  And I'm excited it'll show a new world, as I will be possibly touching many dormant remembrances of many.

Every weekend I've been catching up on many a great blogs, and they have been too helpful, and especially Seth Godin's blog is one that really made blogging much easier for me.

It will be really challenge for me to find time henceforth, but I gotta do one post a day at any cost, as long as I blog. This will be a daily habit for me. I can see many readers out there awaiting to hear what I got to say!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you sure ?.....Are you really good..?

Everything is relative! And so is being good.

In some communities, one is considered good when he or she is really good & productive! eg., when one is studying really good & making good grades, or because he treats others well, and actively cooperates, or because he has got good descipline and great attitude, or because he's earning good money smartly, or because he figures his way out of any situation, or more importantly because he knows himself, or because he exercises daily & take care of his health well, or because  he's successful in career and life, or because he is in his own business & doing very well, and / or  he's a long term thinker etc.

In some, one is considered good, when he's ok and not being bad! eg., One is considered as a very good man, as long as he does n't question and just follows whatever he was told to do, or he does n't shout in public, or because he does n't look at other women, or when he has n't exercised his vote at the hustings, or because he does n't bargain, or trade - nor even he knows,  or as he is not dishonest nor he lies, or he never complains or as he's going to temple frequently, or because he just passed in his exams, or because he does n't fight with his fellow students or employees, or because he's paying bills even with late fee ...etc.

In some families, one is considered  good, as long as he's not being worse!  eg., one is considered good man, when he's not beating his wife or kids, or because he's not an alcoholic addict, or because he's not causing adultery, or because he's not stealing someone else's property, or because he's not mad at anything, or because he could n't complete his latest exam, or because he's not committing crimes to advance in life, or because he's good compared his friends, and his friends are the worse  ..etc.

So same person can be (defined as) good, bad or even worse, based on current or past surroundings he's in, that might be objectionable to people in different surroundings.

Now there is another important categorization of people:

  1. People that go by 'the goodness' or standards defined by their parents, friends, surroundings & society.
  2. People who go by their understanding of the world & pursue things of their interest.
  3. And third category that fall anywhere between these two. 
Perhaps 99% people fall in 1 & 3 categories, and most realize what it takes to be in 2nd, nor they can ever know what it's like

Now question yourself  'Are you really good?' and then 'Are you really sure?'

What are you - early risers or late sleepers ?

Waking up early morning is a very important part of any day. Often it sets the course or tenor of the day!
Ideally everyone wants to wake up early! But best intentions are not enough. People can be classified into two categories: early risers & late sleepers.

Early Risers:
Successful people wake up early, often without alarm clock, and do the same most of their days. By the time the world wakes up, they will have at least one or two hours contributed to their lives. Even if they are not successful yet, their thirst & hunger to make things happen is imminent. They  try new ideas, make new habits, shed old habits, even with some die hard habits. Often they do things because they want to, rather than they need to, or they have to. Infact they often listen to their inner voice. They tend to have more mental balance and often respond to situations aptly. They like descipline, look to more descipline themselves. They enjoy life & being themselves!

They tend to plan & look ahead, and never waste time! In the long run, they are good leaders!

Late Sleepers:
Some people, may, always want to wake up early, but never actually leave bed before 7-7:30am ( or later), and when they do finally, it's always because they need to attend to some urgent obligation. They get used to sleeping while with the noise of alarm bell ringing. This kind of people, even if they are of high intelligence, and even if they have the best intentions, often wait for a direction from someone superior, rather than acting on their own, in important matters, if not in all cases. Often they are prisoners of their old habits, and very rarely they try new habits, and seldom they succeed at it, due to being used to comforts of old habits. They prefer quick fixes, rather than long hauls. They get carried away by their emotions. They enjoy good movies, and when they are free, watching TV is one of the first things that come to their mind! And they often sleep late!

They tend to feel sorry or nothing great about the whole past, and may skip today in those thoughts. 
In the long run, they remain as followers!

What are you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it true?? National flag disrespected ?!

Yesterday I happened to recieve a mail from someone with these photoes, asking to spread these to media or    to some higher ups in govt who can take proper action. 

I was shocked to see that somebody does this !?!

"the gross disrespect and insult to 

the Indian National flag by this so called 'spiritual leader' and self

proclaimed 'GOD' Mataji Nirmala Devi. This disrespect to our country'sflag

shows that she has definitely no respect or love for the country that gave

her so much and her husband who was an IAS officer and chief of the SCI   
(he is seated next to her in the pics). Such a shame..
I do urge and plead with all Indians who deeply love their country to
forward the photos to as many people as possible so that it does catchthe
eye of someone higher up in the Indian Govt who can really take some action
against this cult. "

(Copy pasted from mail as it's)

I don't know who's that lady, nor about the others. But how one fights against this kind of crimes? Unless & until it gives some political mileage no politician takes this up. And rest  don't know really  what to do about this, except for feeling some pain for some time, until only we forget by coming across some other excess by someone else !

Or Is it all a photo trick? Being spread by some anti-nationals? How can find 'if it's true?' And If it's true, what one can do about?  Request comments.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

...being away from uneasiness!

Being uneasy is not a good thing for anyone!
Once in a while we all have such moments in life!

There can be many forms of uneasiness! Physical or otherwise.
We have to be prepared to face or avert it however form it may be in, lest being victim, means time loss !

If you exercise at least 15 minutes a day, and if you have been on the routine a couple of years already, more likely you feel fresh & energized everyday, and that's the best to happen daily. As then you will have more chances to enjoy and having fun, while rest all being the same! Perhaps more chances for making each day more productive! Sheer energy you feel can make a ll the difference! You feel like you are in control, and you are!

If you are physically fit, most of your all other problems or challenges look manageable! You feel like you are equipped to handle things better! And you may actually feel like knowing ' no problem ( or all combined problems ) is bigger than you' !

So any uneasiness is like a disease! We should look at prevention, rather than worrying about later!

Here are a few tips to avoid uneasy situations:
  • Exercise daily and drink lots of water!
  • Never go to any meeting, with your bladder full :) You can't just be yourself!
  • Take a break rather than wasting your time.
  • Promise lower than you know you can deliver!
  • Be ready to deprecate yourself rather than be embarrassed while someone else doing that for you! You will have audience for this act!
  • If you already feeling uneasy, sit somewhere comfortably & start monitoring your breath. Soon you breath will improve, and damn sure, you'll a feel better.
  • Always know: you get what you deserve - good or bad! So focus on improving your situation rather than not feeling happy about what you got!
  • If you are looking ugly, that's OK. Be glad to know that only attitude & work ethic matters, and you can always work on both.
  • Myth:'First impression is the best impression.' You are here to live your life, and not to impress others, even for the sake of job or further business! This realization keeps you devoid of uneasiness in such situations.
  • Making & admitting a mistake is a thousand times better than faking 'no mistake'!
  • Know what you have done right, along with where you have goofed up. The whole act improves your perception of reality.
  • If you have to hide anything from all, first all be away from that thing.
  • Never take anyone or anything for granted.
  • If there are someone gone ahead of you, be glad you can also do.
  • Expect uneasiness, and embrace it, you will have more stamina & better equipped for life's situations!
and so on.

Look forward to any different views!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The ultimate gift !

Can one be happy all the time?
Can't be!

Can one can be cool & smiling all the time?
No way!

Can one always be on the high & flamboyant?
Some people seemed to be endowed with such a natural gift! They attract every one's attention wherever they are! And they become center of attraction! They seemed to represent high spirits & high energy! They set the tone of the moment for all around them! Most importantly they enjoy being themselves!

But everyone has his/her own ups & downs. No body can be exception to that fact.

If you are honest in all your dealings, you have inner happiness! If you have a lot of drive, your honesty makes you feel like not only invincible, and it can alert you where you have to be careful!

But is being honest in all situations is possible? It's crooked world out there, filled with primitive mindset! They will be bewildered at your honesty, would promise to cut you in half, for they can't understand your honesty, for to be honest they need to be daring, and without the need of such virtue, you are being honest, that's what they could n't understand!

So it's all problematic. You can't be politically correct, while committing to be honest!

But no thing's bad, the world has been like this since the time it has been into existence! People who are brutally honest most of - if not all the time, become too great that the world can't ignore! They have been honest to themselves, before they are to any second person!

That's the key! You have to be honest with yourself! This you must do, if you value yourself! And you can do all the time! Then only your mind will be free of all crap!

Perhaps that's the ultimate gift you can give to yourself!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Railways ticket booking/cancellations: Coordination is lacking ?

I think a blog is nice place to vent your anger, and at the end of the day, there's no harm to anyone, and you end up posting your first hand experience. Perhaps the best that can happen is if the concerned people or authority came across the post & are sensible enough to understand, and to respond.

Today I had to cancel a train ticket booked last week. Called up the agent , whoever actually booked the same ticket online for me, and told him that the ticket has to be cancelled. He said, being Sunday his boy is holiday, and he can't help it. Nor he can suggest any alternative, where I can get the ticket cancelled.

Though I'm too busy, and no one is available at hand, I myself went to nearby railway reservation counter, for I did n't want to lose whole money I paid for ticket. I waited in queue until my turn came up at the counter.

The booking clerk did n't accept it saying that they can't cancel the ticket, as ticket was booked thru IRCTC, it has to be cancelled through them only, and SC Railways has nothing to do with it. More surprising thing is she did n't know where and how it can be cancelled.

#1.If ticket booked online can be equivalent to, that booked at reservation counter, why can't it be cancelled at any railway reservation counter?

Irritated, I called up the agent & demanded about what should be done. This time I sensed. he 's more understanding, suggested me to check at any eSeva counter. Oh, it was enlightening! train tickets can be booked at any eSeva or APOnline counter now, I seemed to have overheard somewhere now.

At the first eSeva counter I came across my way back home, the man in the counter said, for him to be able to cancel, it should have been booked through him. Now as it's not booked in that counter he can't cancel that.

#2.If ticket, whether booked at online, at eSeva counter, or at railway reservation counter have the same value and purpose, what's the sanctity in differentiating when it needs to be cancelled?

Is it a technical problem, and an awareness problem or difference among different counters? The readers of this post can avoid this problem by being able to do booking and cancelling at the same place. Perhaps I became wiser finding my nose going around my face !?! Perhaps I should have done it online myself, only I stopped all online transactions where linking to bank accounts is involved.

#3. If these issues are identified and agreed upon, when that will be resolved technically, when their software will be corrected & when the integrity of the systems can be felt?

The problem I faced in trying to cancel a ticket, can be felt by many. Hope somebody from Indian railways will have chance to look at this & respond!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Simplest way to meditate?

Recently when I was in our relatives house in a small village, I had learnt from a grand mother that many people are doing meditation, and it's being remedy for many health problems. I was excited to hear more. I always get attracted to anything that keeps doctors and hospitals away!

There are n number of meditation methods - and that often confuses a lot of people like me, so we will have no clue where to start, though many want to jump in.

Many methods are often interspersed with some religious chanting, which finds many pious and innocent followers. That's easy for them. But for someone who's agnostic, or someone who's not really comfortable with believing anything blindly, it will be difficult.

I believe meditation is nothing to do with any one's religious beliefs, hence it should reach people in a form acceptable to all. Through my searching, and after watching a few videos on Internet, esp Deepak Chopra's, and again after talking to one of my close friends, who's been religiously doing meditation for last 10 years, I came across a meditation practice which is simple for anyone to start.

It's simple:
  • Find a neat place/room - where you can sit some 15-30 minutes without having any distraction
  • Set a timer 15-30 minutes (you can use timer in mobile phone)
  • Now Sit comfortably in Padmasana (as shown in the picture below) & close your eyes. If that posture is difficult, she can just in a chair, with her feet touching the floor, while upper part of the body erect, as in Padmasana.

  • Start & keep observing your breath however it is,without interfering it.
Once the timer starts beeping, then only open your eyes and see how you feel inside! It's simply Wow! One has to feel it!

Process is simple. But not easy to follow, esp in the first few days, you find your mind is anywhere but observing breath. Don't panic. It's the same for anyone. Every time you do the meditation, you will feel better.

The more you find your mind's diversions, the more you need you stick to routine or practice, to improve the quality of meditation & direct result will be improved health.

I believe in the long run, all our health challenges have the root cause in 'mental or psychological cause'. And I think meditation works on that root cause, because it has the effect of soothing on our nerves - continuously done it will result in improved health. Also I find the best benefit you get is it helps you become more objective, with increased focus and concentration.

Hope this helps. I think the mentioned practice is the simplest way to meditate! Is there any better & simple way? Do the benefits change with the kind of meditation you practice? I have these questions in mind.

Any views or suggestions are most welcome!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

12 point checklist: Are you ready to lead?

It's not a good situation where you have n't got chance to do much as the leader of a community or an association, and your tenure coming to an end.

I was in that position, I had learnt a few lessons and felt like sharing the same may benefit many. Armed with these, any one can serve better & be a better individual.

Before taking any responsible leadership position :
  1. You must ensure you already are well off in your current business/job: if your business is in red, or if you job is stinking, you will n't be in a position to be active in the group, not to talk about the leading part.
  2. Think ahead about how much time you can spare per day/week for the community : and discuss this with someone whoever already was in the that position.
  3. Ensure you have at least a few people from that community, with whom you can feel free to share your weaknesses, apart from being able to have a lot of fun comfortably.
  4. Promise only a little, deliver much more than you promise.
  5. Along with time, you must budget some money for some expenses as you go along. Whether you make a ROI or not, it depends on you, but you must be willing to spend some.
  6. Be ready to do what is right, for right things you can always get support. But don't expect a pat on your back, even when you really think you deserve.
  7. Communication is the most important, and go extra-mile in communicating. Your team has to know what you are up to, and what your intentions are.
  8. Don't expect you have to do all by yourself, nor you can. Most of your team is willing to help you by volunteering to contribute significantly.
  9. As leader, you are supposed to set a direction, and involve enough of the team from the initial stage, so that they can feel & take ownership of the cause.
  10. Your team will have good deal of expectation about you, you must target to improve the existing standards.
  11. Enthusiasm is contagious, for the team to be enthusiastic, leader must be very enthusiastic, and also must be able to poke fun at himself at times.
  12. Lastly, but most importantly have just one or two objectives, that must be met at any cost, ensure that they are done, by end of your tenure.

Please share anything else that deserves to be in this list !

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's like going to toilet!

Ever since I have been thinking of blogging frequently, I've been being bombarded with so many ideas. At times I feel like I can give an unique angle to the so far discussed ideas, and at the other times, feel like I 'm no one to say anything, or perhaps I know not much or nothing. Perhaps this happens with everyone in the initial stage of blogging.

Sometimes I am feeling like I'm going to blog for myself and it may be the least useful to anyone. I just don't know. Since adolescent age, may be due to effect of 'being politically correct' education I never expressed myself strongly on anything, nor have a very strong viewpoint on anything. It's intended to give the least resistance to anyone I interact with, but I found out, in the process I don't know what I strongly feel about.

Perhaps one should start monitoring & respect his or her own feelings and nurture the deserved ones, by responding to them appropriately. That gives an identity, and individuality, and that makes you stand out for what you are. And it's very much necessary for someone who wants to be heard!

Like a muscle improves on constant usage/exercise, one must take cognizance of ones feelings, and weigh-out with logic and must respond appropriately. Over a period of time, right feelings will have a chance to grow, while other things get suppressed.

Someone rightly said 'It is like going to toilet'.
  • One should go when one feels like, if you ignore that it won't be good for you.
  • Nobody can do it for you, you have to do it yourself.
You know your feelings, nobody else can know exactly. To become a strong person, you have to value yourself, by nurturing yourself, by being honest to your feelings & thoughts. Don't wait for 'the auspicious day', perfect timing, or perfect blogging topic - there never is.

Perhaps I learned this lesson today, while writing these lines. But appreciate any other views?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why I'm blogging?

I think it's right question to ask, as I will be blogging frequently now-on-wards, and as I want to be clear about my objectives, or intentions behind.

First time I came to know about blogging was over 2 yrs back, and I was quite fascinated by the money a few bloggers were making, having quit their full time jobs, and making at least 4-5 times that predominantly by blogging. Being from poor background money always played a very big role in life. Being filthy rich is a 'never ending dream'. Due to other priorities or sheer laziness, I have n't done any till now. May be this is the motive that's going force me to blog more often henceforth.

One of my dreams is to undertake writing projects : fiction / non-fiction. Writing on pages, compiling them into a book, and trying to get it published are things I won't have time to do in future. Perhaps by blogging, I'll have satisfaction of having written something useful. So this is another motive I have in blogging big time.

Writing /blogging is a very good mental exercise, thoughts keep flowing while you write, you do some kind of editing before you put them into words. All this gives you a perspective, and will get your thoughts more organized, and will give more clarity. So this can be my favourite pastime, that can actually build me up mentally. Perhaps it can help me understand the world a little better. Then this is another very important motive.

Till recent past, I have been an introvert. Now though I'm not an introvert, I'm not much an extrovert either, but I want to be. That helps me in my career big time, and hence that's another motive for me to blog. It contributes to my online identity.

I think these motives or reasons can be anyone else's.

I don't have clarity yet about what I'll be blogging - is it something related to my profession or business interests, technologies I'm interested in, or something as a responsible citizen of this country. Perhaps this will be the topic of my next post.

My blogging may justify my motives, or may n't. But I have this strongest instinct telling me that, it's right thing to do, So I'll be blogging.

Appreciate any views!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twitter :My new best friend !

Books are men's best friends. It's been very true in my case. My perspective on anything and everything shaped up by the books I read more than anything. Especially in last 7-8 years, I have always have companion of one good book at a time I have been reading daily 30 to 60 minutes. I read either early morning or in the night, so the max influence of the book can be felt, and sometimes or many times, the few pages/lines I read made my day.

Good (carefully select) books can be great friends, that help you improve your understanding, and will let you have a chance to associate with some of the great minds the ever existed in past or present.

Few months back while going through Robin Sharma's blogs, I came across 'twitter' link. Though ignored couple of times, finally I felt like I have to check out- what it is? Thanks for my curiosity, I opened a twitter account (, soon I found it to be very useful. Though I am not spending much time on it, nor I will not, it became a part of my daily life, notbecause I have been addicted to tweeting, but because of the value I see almost every time I log into.

Just to meniton coupla high value benefits I see from twitter :

  • You can follow anyone/everyone you like, no matter whether celebrity, or no-namer : I believe Twitter is the only media, where you will have a chance to follow anyone you like!
  • Not just passive following, you can interact with anyone - who has a twitter account, and if he/she is on it actively : Again no other media gives you such a wonderful chance.
  • For making the best use of your time, you can create a list of the best of the best, you would like to follow closely, and this selective feed can be the best of the best & the most cutting edge in the respective field : No where else anyone could have come across such a privilege.
  • In 140 characters, It lets you have a chance to contribute & connect with the world at large. It's easy & can be highly impactful.
  • Though it's impact as marketing tool is yet to be felt in India, it gives a great chance to contribute to your online brand/profile.
...and so on.

Though I have n't left on my 1st favourite: reading books, but the time I spend on reading has come down to maximum of 10-15 mts daily. Whereas the select tweets I follow, and the content in terms of blog/video or a webinar that comes from tweets, I have to be liberal in time, because of the 'value' I find in it.

Only a few months into twitter, it's my 'the best resource' for life, and my new best friend. And I can't dream of living without spending at least a few minutes on twitter daily, and that I believe is investment for my life.

...Look forward to know any different view points & your first impressions about twitter.