Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why I'm blogging?

I think it's right question to ask, as I will be blogging frequently now-on-wards, and as I want to be clear about my objectives, or intentions behind.

First time I came to know about blogging was over 2 yrs back, and I was quite fascinated by the money a few bloggers were making, having quit their full time jobs, and making at least 4-5 times that predominantly by blogging. Being from poor background money always played a very big role in life. Being filthy rich is a 'never ending dream'. Due to other priorities or sheer laziness, I have n't done any till now. May be this is the motive that's going force me to blog more often henceforth.

One of my dreams is to undertake writing projects : fiction / non-fiction. Writing on pages, compiling them into a book, and trying to get it published are things I won't have time to do in future. Perhaps by blogging, I'll have satisfaction of having written something useful. So this is another motive I have in blogging big time.

Writing /blogging is a very good mental exercise, thoughts keep flowing while you write, you do some kind of editing before you put them into words. All this gives you a perspective, and will get your thoughts more organized, and will give more clarity. So this can be my favourite pastime, that can actually build me up mentally. Perhaps it can help me understand the world a little better. Then this is another very important motive.

Till recent past, I have been an introvert. Now though I'm not an introvert, I'm not much an extrovert either, but I want to be. That helps me in my career big time, and hence that's another motive for me to blog. It contributes to my online identity.

I think these motives or reasons can be anyone else's.

I don't have clarity yet about what I'll be blogging - is it something related to my profession or business interests, technologies I'm interested in, or something as a responsible citizen of this country. Perhaps this will be the topic of my next post.

My blogging may justify my motives, or may n't. But I have this strongest instinct telling me that, it's right thing to do, So I'll be blogging.

Appreciate any views!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twitter :My new best friend !

Books are men's best friends. It's been very true in my case. My perspective on anything and everything shaped up by the books I read more than anything. Especially in last 7-8 years, I have always have companion of one good book at a time I have been reading daily 30 to 60 minutes. I read either early morning or in the night, so the max influence of the book can be felt, and sometimes or many times, the few pages/lines I read made my day.

Good (carefully select) books can be great friends, that help you improve your understanding, and will let you have a chance to associate with some of the great minds the ever existed in past or present.

Few months back while going through Robin Sharma's blogs, I came across 'twitter' link. Though ignored couple of times, finally I felt like I have to check out- what it is? Thanks for my curiosity, I opened a twitter account (, soon I found it to be very useful. Though I am not spending much time on it, nor I will not, it became a part of my daily life, notbecause I have been addicted to tweeting, but because of the value I see almost every time I log into.

Just to meniton coupla high value benefits I see from twitter :

  • You can follow anyone/everyone you like, no matter whether celebrity, or no-namer : I believe Twitter is the only media, where you will have a chance to follow anyone you like!
  • Not just passive following, you can interact with anyone - who has a twitter account, and if he/she is on it actively : Again no other media gives you such a wonderful chance.
  • For making the best use of your time, you can create a list of the best of the best, you would like to follow closely, and this selective feed can be the best of the best & the most cutting edge in the respective field : No where else anyone could have come across such a privilege.
  • In 140 characters, It lets you have a chance to contribute & connect with the world at large. It's easy & can be highly impactful.
  • Though it's impact as marketing tool is yet to be felt in India, it gives a great chance to contribute to your online brand/profile.
...and so on.

Though I have n't left on my 1st favourite: reading books, but the time I spend on reading has come down to maximum of 10-15 mts daily. Whereas the select tweets I follow, and the content in terms of blog/video or a webinar that comes from tweets, I have to be liberal in time, because of the 'value' I find in it.

Only a few months into twitter, it's my 'the best resource' for life, and my new best friend. And I can't dream of living without spending at least a few minutes on twitter daily, and that I believe is investment for my life.

...Look forward to know any different view points & your first impressions about twitter.