Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you sure ?.....Are you really good..?

Everything is relative! And so is being good.

In some communities, one is considered good when he or she is really good & productive! eg., when one is studying really good & making good grades, or because he treats others well, and actively cooperates, or because he has got good descipline and great attitude, or because he's earning good money smartly, or because he figures his way out of any situation, or more importantly because he knows himself, or because he exercises daily & take care of his health well, or because  he's successful in career and life, or because he is in his own business & doing very well, and / or  he's a long term thinker etc.

In some, one is considered good, when he's ok and not being bad! eg., One is considered as a very good man, as long as he does n't question and just follows whatever he was told to do, or he does n't shout in public, or because he does n't look at other women, or when he has n't exercised his vote at the hustings, or because he does n't bargain, or trade - nor even he knows,  or as he is not dishonest nor he lies, or he never complains or as he's going to temple frequently, or because he just passed in his exams, or because he does n't fight with his fellow students or employees, or because he's paying bills even with late fee ...etc.

In some families, one is considered  good, as long as he's not being worse!  eg., one is considered good man, when he's not beating his wife or kids, or because he's not an alcoholic addict, or because he's not causing adultery, or because he's not stealing someone else's property, or because he's not mad at anything, or because he could n't complete his latest exam, or because he's not committing crimes to advance in life, or because he's good compared his friends, and his friends are the worse  ..etc.

So same person can be (defined as) good, bad or even worse, based on current or past surroundings he's in, that might be objectionable to people in different surroundings.

Now there is another important categorization of people:

  1. People that go by 'the goodness' or standards defined by their parents, friends, surroundings & society.
  2. People who go by their understanding of the world & pursue things of their interest.
  3. And third category that fall anywhere between these two. 
Perhaps 99% people fall in 1 & 3 categories, and most realize what it takes to be in 2nd, nor they can ever know what it's like

Now question yourself  'Are you really good?' and then 'Are you really sure?'

What are you - early risers or late sleepers ?

Waking up early morning is a very important part of any day. Often it sets the course or tenor of the day!
Ideally everyone wants to wake up early! But best intentions are not enough. People can be classified into two categories: early risers & late sleepers.

Early Risers:
Successful people wake up early, often without alarm clock, and do the same most of their days. By the time the world wakes up, they will have at least one or two hours contributed to their lives. Even if they are not successful yet, their thirst & hunger to make things happen is imminent. They  try new ideas, make new habits, shed old habits, even with some die hard habits. Often they do things because they want to, rather than they need to, or they have to. Infact they often listen to their inner voice. They tend to have more mental balance and often respond to situations aptly. They like descipline, look to more descipline themselves. They enjoy life & being themselves!

They tend to plan & look ahead, and never waste time! In the long run, they are good leaders!

Late Sleepers:
Some people, may, always want to wake up early, but never actually leave bed before 7-7:30am ( or later), and when they do finally, it's always because they need to attend to some urgent obligation. They get used to sleeping while with the noise of alarm bell ringing. This kind of people, even if they are of high intelligence, and even if they have the best intentions, often wait for a direction from someone superior, rather than acting on their own, in important matters, if not in all cases. Often they are prisoners of their old habits, and very rarely they try new habits, and seldom they succeed at it, due to being used to comforts of old habits. They prefer quick fixes, rather than long hauls. They get carried away by their emotions. They enjoy good movies, and when they are free, watching TV is one of the first things that come to their mind! And they often sleep late!

They tend to feel sorry or nothing great about the whole past, and may skip today in those thoughts. 
In the long run, they remain as followers!

What are you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it true?? National flag disrespected ?!

Yesterday I happened to recieve a mail from someone with these photoes, asking to spread these to media or    to some higher ups in govt who can take proper action. 

I was shocked to see that somebody does this !?!

"the gross disrespect and insult to 

the Indian National flag by this so called 'spiritual leader' and self

proclaimed 'GOD' Mataji Nirmala Devi. This disrespect to our country'sflag

shows that she has definitely no respect or love for the country that gave

her so much and her husband who was an IAS officer and chief of the SCI   
(he is seated next to her in the pics). Such a shame..
I do urge and plead with all Indians who deeply love their country to
forward the photos to as many people as possible so that it does catchthe
eye of someone higher up in the Indian Govt who can really take some action
against this cult. "

(Copy pasted from mail as it's)

I don't know who's that lady, nor about the others. But how one fights against this kind of crimes? Unless & until it gives some political mileage no politician takes this up. And rest  don't know really  what to do about this, except for feeling some pain for some time, until only we forget by coming across some other excess by someone else !

Or Is it all a photo trick? Being spread by some anti-nationals? How can find 'if it's true?' And If it's true, what one can do about?  Request comments.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

...being away from uneasiness!

Being uneasy is not a good thing for anyone!
Once in a while we all have such moments in life!

There can be many forms of uneasiness! Physical or otherwise.
We have to be prepared to face or avert it however form it may be in, lest being victim, means time loss !

If you exercise at least 15 minutes a day, and if you have been on the routine a couple of years already, more likely you feel fresh & energized everyday, and that's the best to happen daily. As then you will have more chances to enjoy and having fun, while rest all being the same! Perhaps more chances for making each day more productive! Sheer energy you feel can make a ll the difference! You feel like you are in control, and you are!

If you are physically fit, most of your all other problems or challenges look manageable! You feel like you are equipped to handle things better! And you may actually feel like knowing ' no problem ( or all combined problems ) is bigger than you' !

So any uneasiness is like a disease! We should look at prevention, rather than worrying about later!

Here are a few tips to avoid uneasy situations:
  • Exercise daily and drink lots of water!
  • Never go to any meeting, with your bladder full :) You can't just be yourself!
  • Take a break rather than wasting your time.
  • Promise lower than you know you can deliver!
  • Be ready to deprecate yourself rather than be embarrassed while someone else doing that for you! You will have audience for this act!
  • If you already feeling uneasy, sit somewhere comfortably & start monitoring your breath. Soon you breath will improve, and damn sure, you'll a feel better.
  • Always know: you get what you deserve - good or bad! So focus on improving your situation rather than not feeling happy about what you got!
  • If you are looking ugly, that's OK. Be glad to know that only attitude & work ethic matters, and you can always work on both.
  • Myth:'First impression is the best impression.' You are here to live your life, and not to impress others, even for the sake of job or further business! This realization keeps you devoid of uneasiness in such situations.
  • Making & admitting a mistake is a thousand times better than faking 'no mistake'!
  • Know what you have done right, along with where you have goofed up. The whole act improves your perception of reality.
  • If you have to hide anything from all, first all be away from that thing.
  • Never take anyone or anything for granted.
  • If there are someone gone ahead of you, be glad you can also do.
  • Expect uneasiness, and embrace it, you will have more stamina & better equipped for life's situations!
and so on.

Look forward to any different views!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The ultimate gift !

Can one be happy all the time?
Can't be!

Can one can be cool & smiling all the time?
No way!

Can one always be on the high & flamboyant?
Some people seemed to be endowed with such a natural gift! They attract every one's attention wherever they are! And they become center of attraction! They seemed to represent high spirits & high energy! They set the tone of the moment for all around them! Most importantly they enjoy being themselves!

But everyone has his/her own ups & downs. No body can be exception to that fact.

If you are honest in all your dealings, you have inner happiness! If you have a lot of drive, your honesty makes you feel like not only invincible, and it can alert you where you have to be careful!

But is being honest in all situations is possible? It's crooked world out there, filled with primitive mindset! They will be bewildered at your honesty, would promise to cut you in half, for they can't understand your honesty, for to be honest they need to be daring, and without the need of such virtue, you are being honest, that's what they could n't understand!

So it's all problematic. You can't be politically correct, while committing to be honest!

But no thing's bad, the world has been like this since the time it has been into existence! People who are brutally honest most of - if not all the time, become too great that the world can't ignore! They have been honest to themselves, before they are to any second person!

That's the key! You have to be honest with yourself! This you must do, if you value yourself! And you can do all the time! Then only your mind will be free of all crap!

Perhaps that's the ultimate gift you can give to yourself!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Railways ticket booking/cancellations: Coordination is lacking ?

I think a blog is nice place to vent your anger, and at the end of the day, there's no harm to anyone, and you end up posting your first hand experience. Perhaps the best that can happen is if the concerned people or authority came across the post & are sensible enough to understand, and to respond.

Today I had to cancel a train ticket booked last week. Called up the agent , whoever actually booked the same ticket online for me, and told him that the ticket has to be cancelled. He said, being Sunday his boy is holiday, and he can't help it. Nor he can suggest any alternative, where I can get the ticket cancelled.

Though I'm too busy, and no one is available at hand, I myself went to nearby railway reservation counter, for I did n't want to lose whole money I paid for ticket. I waited in queue until my turn came up at the counter.

The booking clerk did n't accept it saying that they can't cancel the ticket, as ticket was booked thru IRCTC, it has to be cancelled through them only, and SC Railways has nothing to do with it. More surprising thing is she did n't know where and how it can be cancelled.

#1.If ticket booked online can be equivalent to, that booked at reservation counter, why can't it be cancelled at any railway reservation counter?

Irritated, I called up the agent & demanded about what should be done. This time I sensed. he 's more understanding, suggested me to check at any eSeva counter. Oh, it was enlightening! train tickets can be booked at any eSeva or APOnline counter now, I seemed to have overheard somewhere now.

At the first eSeva counter I came across my way back home, the man in the counter said, for him to be able to cancel, it should have been booked through him. Now as it's not booked in that counter he can't cancel that.

#2.If ticket, whether booked at online, at eSeva counter, or at railway reservation counter have the same value and purpose, what's the sanctity in differentiating when it needs to be cancelled?

Is it a technical problem, and an awareness problem or difference among different counters? The readers of this post can avoid this problem by being able to do booking and cancelling at the same place. Perhaps I became wiser finding my nose going around my face !?! Perhaps I should have done it online myself, only I stopped all online transactions where linking to bank accounts is involved.

#3. If these issues are identified and agreed upon, when that will be resolved technically, when their software will be corrected & when the integrity of the systems can be felt?

The problem I faced in trying to cancel a ticket, can be felt by many. Hope somebody from Indian railways will have chance to look at this & respond!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Simplest way to meditate?

Recently when I was in our relatives house in a small village, I had learnt from a grand mother that many people are doing meditation, and it's being remedy for many health problems. I was excited to hear more. I always get attracted to anything that keeps doctors and hospitals away!

There are n number of meditation methods - and that often confuses a lot of people like me, so we will have no clue where to start, though many want to jump in.

Many methods are often interspersed with some religious chanting, which finds many pious and innocent followers. That's easy for them. But for someone who's agnostic, or someone who's not really comfortable with believing anything blindly, it will be difficult.

I believe meditation is nothing to do with any one's religious beliefs, hence it should reach people in a form acceptable to all. Through my searching, and after watching a few videos on Internet, esp Deepak Chopra's, and again after talking to one of my close friends, who's been religiously doing meditation for last 10 years, I came across a meditation practice which is simple for anyone to start.

It's simple:
  • Find a neat place/room - where you can sit some 15-30 minutes without having any distraction
  • Set a timer 15-30 minutes (you can use timer in mobile phone)
  • Now Sit comfortably in Padmasana (as shown in the picture below) & close your eyes. If that posture is difficult, she can just in a chair, with her feet touching the floor, while upper part of the body erect, as in Padmasana.

  • Start & keep observing your breath however it is,without interfering it.
Once the timer starts beeping, then only open your eyes and see how you feel inside! It's simply Wow! One has to feel it!

Process is simple. But not easy to follow, esp in the first few days, you find your mind is anywhere but observing breath. Don't panic. It's the same for anyone. Every time you do the meditation, you will feel better.

The more you find your mind's diversions, the more you need you stick to routine or practice, to improve the quality of meditation & direct result will be improved health.

I believe in the long run, all our health challenges have the root cause in 'mental or psychological cause'. And I think meditation works on that root cause, because it has the effect of soothing on our nerves - continuously done it will result in improved health. Also I find the best benefit you get is it helps you become more objective, with increased focus and concentration.

Hope this helps. I think the mentioned practice is the simplest way to meditate! Is there any better & simple way? Do the benefits change with the kind of meditation you practice? I have these questions in mind.

Any views or suggestions are most welcome!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

12 point checklist: Are you ready to lead?

It's not a good situation where you have n't got chance to do much as the leader of a community or an association, and your tenure coming to an end.

I was in that position, I had learnt a few lessons and felt like sharing the same may benefit many. Armed with these, any one can serve better & be a better individual.

Before taking any responsible leadership position :
  1. You must ensure you already are well off in your current business/job: if your business is in red, or if you job is stinking, you will n't be in a position to be active in the group, not to talk about the leading part.
  2. Think ahead about how much time you can spare per day/week for the community : and discuss this with someone whoever already was in the that position.
  3. Ensure you have at least a few people from that community, with whom you can feel free to share your weaknesses, apart from being able to have a lot of fun comfortably.
  4. Promise only a little, deliver much more than you promise.
  5. Along with time, you must budget some money for some expenses as you go along. Whether you make a ROI or not, it depends on you, but you must be willing to spend some.
  6. Be ready to do what is right, for right things you can always get support. But don't expect a pat on your back, even when you really think you deserve.
  7. Communication is the most important, and go extra-mile in communicating. Your team has to know what you are up to, and what your intentions are.
  8. Don't expect you have to do all by yourself, nor you can. Most of your team is willing to help you by volunteering to contribute significantly.
  9. As leader, you are supposed to set a direction, and involve enough of the team from the initial stage, so that they can feel & take ownership of the cause.
  10. Your team will have good deal of expectation about you, you must target to improve the existing standards.
  11. Enthusiasm is contagious, for the team to be enthusiastic, leader must be very enthusiastic, and also must be able to poke fun at himself at times.
  12. Lastly, but most importantly have just one or two objectives, that must be met at any cost, ensure that they are done, by end of your tenure.

Please share anything else that deserves to be in this list !

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's like going to toilet!

Ever since I have been thinking of blogging frequently, I've been being bombarded with so many ideas. At times I feel like I can give an unique angle to the so far discussed ideas, and at the other times, feel like I 'm no one to say anything, or perhaps I know not much or nothing. Perhaps this happens with everyone in the initial stage of blogging.

Sometimes I am feeling like I'm going to blog for myself and it may be the least useful to anyone. I just don't know. Since adolescent age, may be due to effect of 'being politically correct' education I never expressed myself strongly on anything, nor have a very strong viewpoint on anything. It's intended to give the least resistance to anyone I interact with, but I found out, in the process I don't know what I strongly feel about.

Perhaps one should start monitoring & respect his or her own feelings and nurture the deserved ones, by responding to them appropriately. That gives an identity, and individuality, and that makes you stand out for what you are. And it's very much necessary for someone who wants to be heard!

Like a muscle improves on constant usage/exercise, one must take cognizance of ones feelings, and weigh-out with logic and must respond appropriately. Over a period of time, right feelings will have a chance to grow, while other things get suppressed.

Someone rightly said 'It is like going to toilet'.
  • One should go when one feels like, if you ignore that it won't be good for you.
  • Nobody can do it for you, you have to do it yourself.
You know your feelings, nobody else can know exactly. To become a strong person, you have to value yourself, by nurturing yourself, by being honest to your feelings & thoughts. Don't wait for 'the auspicious day', perfect timing, or perfect blogging topic - there never is.

Perhaps I learned this lesson today, while writing these lines. But appreciate any other views?