Monday, March 22, 2010

blog ideas

Perhaps due to being still early stage into blogging, due to not getting enough time to take out for focussed reading, My posts still remain too generic perhaps for some more time.

And I felt at this stage, keeping my pen busy is more important than whether I'm defining into a niche area!  
Enough justfications to myself.

While going through my notes I came across many blog ideas I jotted down, over a period of last one week, with an intention to dwell upon each a post.

  • Which phone is best fit for your needs? Iphone, blackberry or any other non-smart phone?  : I was in the process to buy a phone best fit for my needs, and I felt there's no thorough blog to help any one to come to a buying decision.
  • In my previous post I mentioned about  Ugadi panchangam ( Predictions) . And today morning I was going through some slide-show for 'Social Media predictions 2010'.      That was good for thought, and I think, at the end of 2010 nothing from the predictions may make any sense. But the idea of predicting something piqued my interest.  Hence I'll be writing  a post with some title like ' Do we need predictors or predictions?'   Let's see how this comes out.
  • Today I saw on TV, one state communist leader's unveiling a (rediculous) plan to give Rs10000 per month for every unemployee  in the country.  I wonder is there any limit to lunacy of these communist leaders !  And the worse is no politician can publicly condemn, nor explain perils we have ahead of us, if we don't think further than this. Perhaps I can write a big post condemning all obsoletely idealistic communists.
  • Well, I have another idea for creating job creation  at micro level , that can be useful for all employees as well as unemployees, and should definitely work out with employers hiring them. I want to club that idea with Lo-So networks, I think it's perfect combination. I really look forward to much reaserched workable plan, and before that a blog post that thoroughly explains the same, to share the same with the world at large.
These are a few, I have in mind, and in my note book.  Hope I will be able to do justice for these ideas. I wish to know if there are any posts anyone come across with same ideas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twitter: Another status symbol?

In India 30 yrs back having a TV and a phone connection was sign of a few rich. They might be using TV, as it's best box for time pass ever invented, but they may n't be using phone really except as a status symbol, nor many knew how to place a call ( as it's not as easy as now-a-days).

Ambassador Car was another status symbol even till some 15 years back.

Generally status symbols are used more for impressing or scaring others than being much beneficial use, for the owner. It can also imply  that they who have these status symbols do n't want to be left behind, at least seemingly, than others whoever are already having the same.

That is 'Status symbol' used to serve a psychological need than any real need. There are as many such symbols as there are people in India, and at every level it's its convenient forms and shapes. 

They have short life or long life, based on how difficult or easy everyone else can own the same.

10-12 years back, having a cell phone was again a status symbol. Many had bought that new gadget just to say they are a class above the rest.  Such class of people really felt bad and sad when every body started using cell phone. 

Now most  educated and employed are on all kinds of social networks. Many are there because they don't want to feel bad when somebody cries aloud about 'power of web 2.0' with unlimited excitement. 

Right now every one is having twitter accounts set up, after a few or no tweets, they are not coming back. They are there just not to be behind, but are not trying to know how to make further use of it.  This is perhaps another status symbol  for the time being!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ugadi panchangam

If you are happy on Ugadi, you'll be happy rest of whole year! And if you are sad, you will be definitely be sad the whole year! Even now many people believe that.

So everyone tries to be happy just for this day, at least. And it's really scary that if you are n't happy on Ugadi, you will be miserable for whole year!

Many people are experts at trying to be happy, rather than being happy. That's even more true that people try very hard not to be unhappy. The bottomline is many are scared of being miserable. Whatever outward expression may be, internally they are more unbalanced, desperate to be happy and prone to be unhappy.

Many are more unbalanced today because, everyone is curious about what prediction says about their next year, and that means they obviously don't believe in their own efforts. Or they feel a need  to validated, inspite or on top of their efforts.

In most of the temples, on Ugadi day the priest reads out from panchangam for all belong to respective raasi, about their income, expense, respect, or otherwise in society.  And no body notices that all they read are so generic that that can be applicable to anyone anywhere around the globe.

People may find it's all farce, but they got used to the ritual, and they don't want to think and instead want to believe it all the more.

Monday, March 15, 2010

One post a day

One blog post everyday... that's what I thought I will be doing soon if I blog for 1-2 posts a week.

Till Feb -end I was able to do, but after that in last 14 days, I have n't written single post. 1-2 remained at draft stage.

May be because, by and large, as  I have more than a few interests, that includes career, I may need sometime to make up my mind about the shape or color of blog it's going to be. Whatever it be, it'll be surely a value add for most readers, and definitely to me. And I won't write more than one blog, I'd like give  single minded focus.

I have unique experiences and understandings in many aspects, now am contemplating for a blog, I'll be able to deliberate upon many one by one, and can create interesting & insightful read with each.  And I'm excited it'll show a new world, as I will be possibly touching many dormant remembrances of many.

Every weekend I've been catching up on many a great blogs, and they have been too helpful, and especially Seth Godin's blog is one that really made blogging much easier for me.

It will be really challenge for me to find time henceforth, but I gotta do one post a day at any cost, as long as I blog. This will be a daily habit for me. I can see many readers out there awaiting to hear what I got to say!