Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bye to Smugness & Welcome to 'a little more' curiosity

Oh, done…Enough is done for the day.


Wow, this is great. And I need a break, and I need to enjoy, and I want more enjoyment – that perhaps have been missing all along!


So much time was wasted with this thinking…and feeling desperate for some happiness and enjoyment.


I could have 3-4 times the progress made if only I used this time, and I could have more of life in my control, if I doggedly slogged.


Do I need a break? Does the break mean watching TV, and chatting with friends and forgetting my very responsibilities?

Then I don't need a break.


I'm trying to do what I like, on the way to do what I love. There's no chance or time to get wasted anymore.


Perhaps the only break we need only when we have some considerable health situations. In a way the time is well spent, mostly by reading great books, or such resources. That helps a lot.


Instead of feeling smug about what you have done, always be curious to know how it feels to do a little more. How things will be done if they are done a little faster, and with a little more seriously.


That changes every thing. The more you used to 'how about a little more?' curiosity, the better your life, and the more successful your life will be.