Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wierd thoughts !?

Am not sure how many feel the way sometimes,  while you are in the middle of something, some stray thought comes to mind, which looks normal at first, but if you tried to interpret the same, it might be some odd or unnecessary thoughts, or it might be good even - that often reflects your inner definition or boundary of yourself, that often mirrors your self esteem.

The journey of self discovery is most vital, and hence the capturing of these stray or random thoughts - always they give good reflection of your habits, or understandings from whole of your past!

This also means a portion of  your mind is busy in the back ground, even while you are too busy.

I noticed it's often has been the built up over a period of time of your whole past. If it is good, you are in for a good treat, otherwise it will haunt you, like anything.

The only remedy I found, especially the distractions you have are of negative, is to visualise what you want like never before, like anything. You should be so hungry for pleasant things in life that, you should spend visualising having them right away, and being in the process of accomplishing them, a any cost. It will increase your focus to a all time high & you will enjoy life too.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Typical News paper reading habits

Nowadays I rarely read news paper, as hundred different sources of news are there now, and you will be inundated with some news some or the other way, even when you don't actually looking for it.

Whenever I read deliberately, it's online, that almost all the time it's Eenadu. No particular reason, other than typing eenadu looks rather easy, compared to typing names of any other regional or national news papers. I believe reading news papers is a waste of time, often opinionated & aligned to some political parties. I think if you have to take out a old useless habit from people, this is it.

When I was in elementary school perhaps I started reading news paper. There was an unknown satisfaction, whenever I complete end to end, leaving only small print classifieds, and most of last  page sports ( as I was always away from sports).

When I shifted into English medium for net remediate, as I need to improve my English, I started reading English papers, especially a Hindu and Deccan Chronicle, and Indian Express. Some English definitely improved, but it's waste of time then too. Perhaps for lack of better habits, I used to read these dull black & white prints.

Then came new friends from intermediate. While being with them, I realised I enjoy looking at cinema pages. It's like directly diving into cinema page, and leaving there after. That way I felt first good taste of paper reading, my reading got objective:).

Mostly people read papers for time pass, aka filling gaps. 99% of what they read is forgotten before fooling the paper. But for some, they will have grist for further time pass, called a lot of chit chat.

Today morning while I was looking at eenadu online, i felt I am observing myself more than my curiosity of what is there in the paper. Perhaps marketer in me is more active & objective,  trying to gauge which headline is compelling, and making me to click.

More than headlines ( which are always boring & nothing new or progressive), my attention went to the left side bar. Out of the few that attracted my interest, there was a line that says 'if it is proven that Jagan committed mistake in jail, I will retire from politics'. I resisted myself from clicking on it, otherwise it was the most click-attractive! Another one is from Vasundhara section, where there was a talk about increase of lady directors in Bollywood. I clicked & skimmed through it. That was interested and progresse. 

There are many online rumour mills on politicians and cinemawallahs, these days. Oftentimes, most compelling topics that actually make a conversation lively, often with the most degraded language in comments sections, from readers. The site owners perhaps due to lack of resources to clean up, leave it as it is. They are happy about the traffic they are getting, and don't bother about anything else.

These are my findings, felt like sharing as quick note. Glad to see any other interesting opinions, or experiences.