Friday, October 30, 2015

Options before Jagan Mohan Reddy !

What Jagan Mohan Reddy achieved by Deeksha?

He failed to get enough sympathy from other parties as well as the masses, perhaps due to his high hand drama activities like Odarpu yatras, which are too ridiculous for the purpose it meant.

Almost no sane person need to be consoled years after his leader died, even in the idealist scenario. And people can sense it.

Did the government did the right thing by stopping it by force?

One thing is it's government's responsibility to keep law & order in control, to post as great destination to attract business investments...etc. its all the more surprising that both ruling party, nor opposition criticise or condemn BJP, the ruling party at the centre, for their own reasons.

What's that achieved by not attending Sankusthapana?

Frankly nothing much, nor he would have gained by attending to the same. Attendance is not important, but how constructive they sound outside, is going to be vitally important. And people can remember.

There's no political vacuum in state, especially after Chandra Babu, and Pawan Kalyan, and hence it really requires more than political manoeuvring, to the unprecedented levels, to make any gains.

Objectives/ responsibilities of being a politician ?  Situation in AP?

It's tough to work against seasoned politician like Chandra Babu Naidu, that too when he's in power. And as its his imminent responsibility to build capital city from scratch. Once it's in place, though it will be long from now, he will keeps getting adulations from around, and and it's difficult to make opposition to make a strong base or position to make their case.

It's anathema to being a politician, like being on a shaky ground.

Two Options before Opposition party

#1  to continue in the same vein, while ensuring they are not being laughed yet

In politics, especially in India, politics comes before all. In the name of it, parties get blind to even obviously good & constructive measures by any party, other than their own. Often it goes against the good of people and state, but no one gives a thought about it. All that matters is their own party interests. Perhaps people are not savvy enough, yet, to realize this.

Anything other than that, is not digestible to politicians. It continues in independence India.

Being blindly loyal to the extent of sycophancy, is basic step to being and growth of politician.

#2  conditional behaviours and tactics

in interest of building new state, there they can be every where, and try to en-cash every possible way, while making govt work & accountable.

While it's not easy as it sounds, this is to be the way going forward.  They have to be more nimble, and opportunistic.

With this approach he would not have issues or inhibitions to rub shoulders with people in power, including anyone and everyone, while make his voice heard enough, projecting themselves as standing for state's interests.

But this requires more innovation on the part of parties, and the party in ruling takes all steps to cut the opposition to size, so that no iota of any credit, in the eyes of public, goes to them.

His Friday ritual is still on top of his mind?

To what extent he's to fear of the cases that have been pending against him, that will not help him play effective politician's role....worse being in opposition. He can't fight beyond certain extent, of course he only knows, if he has chance of getting reprieve from the pending cases. Is he just became victim of political vendetta against him, by then ruling congress at the centre, due to which he was in jail for 16+ months?

Is it the reason behind his meeting with Ramoji Rao ?

Well, all talk, and nothing known to public.
In any case, as mentioned in this article, the opposition must be nimble enough to support cause based support, and wary enough to ensure to make it stand out, at vantage points, while making government work extra hard, accountably.

Hope people in opposition to come to their senses, and put their act in place.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

State Of Scholarships In India

The Indian education system is getting a great demand because of its methodical and quality education process. The education system is basically controlled by state level and at the center level too. Scholarships in India for college and school students are offered for the past 6 decades to continue the studies for various courses. The government of India, other governments, public and private organizations and Indian universities offers massive types of scholarships for Indian and also international students who like to study in India or abroad. There are a significant number of scholarships for masters, bachelors, PhD, postdoctoral degrees, distance learning programs, short courses, training programs and fellowships. Even state government and central government offering best scholarship for SC/ST students to bring them level up. 


Scholarship is the boon for the students who belongs to society weaker section and who are unable to continue further education. Scholarships in India are a great incentive and encouragement for candidates, who are talented and interested to study further. There are plenty of scholarships available in India that includes merit based, student specific, college specific, need based and career specific. The ministry provides external and national scholarships to the needy. National merit scholarship scheme provides great financial assistance to any meritorious students from post-Graduation to Class XI level in universities and government colleges/schools. The total number of scholarships is divided among the state boards depends on the particular state population in age group of 25 to 18 years. Under DBT (direct Benefit Transfer), the scholarships can be disbursed into the beneficiary’s bank accounts directly. 

The main purpose of providing scholarship is to help the students financially cope with their dream of achieving higher studies. Moreover, there are many misconceptions that thesescholarships are only for the students with good academic background. Don’t pond with such rumors, the scholarship isavailable for eligible students who are in need. 

Each and every scholarship has its own rules, it is necessary to familiar with all the features and information before applying for the scholarship. The internet is the best place to search the details and needed information to apply and benefit through the scholarship. 

The prime ministers scholarship scheme has been announced to the students belongs to Jamu & Kashmir state. Sikkim University, Gangtok announced scholarships for Mphilcandidates. 2016 national scholarship announced to the students with disabilities for about 2500 students. Eligible candidates can apply through online to enjoy the benefits. 

The national scholarship portal is the great solution to get the solution for end to end process of scholarship from student application, sanction, verification and also disbursal to beneficiary offered by the Government of India. TANA foundation USA offers graduate scholarships for Telugu candidates who resides in Andra Pradesh to acquire higher level education in the USA. ONGC announced 500 scholarships for ST and SC students for the eligible candidates. NEST also announced a scholarship scheme for degree students of medical, engg, and science for the year 2016. 

AICTE scholarship to girl child scheme helps to promote the technical education like architecture, applied arts, pharmacy, engineering. For this scholarship,a girl must pass class 12 and they can apply through post or online. This scholarship is awarded for 4000 candidates worth up to 50,000 Rs per year.


Merit cum scholarship for the minority students offers financial assistance to the meritorious and poor students belongs to the minority communities to complete their technical and professional course. This scholarship covers Rs 25000 to 30000 per year. The student must pass class 12 and graduates of Parsis, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian community. Apply online from June to September. 


Students from 11yrs to 35 yrs can apply for Gaurav foundation scholarship by email which is available from September to November. 


Center sector scheme for class 12 scholarship can be applied through the  post and online. Students are awarded with Rs:10,000 per year for about 3 years when it comes to graduation course. Rs. 20,000 per years when it comes to masters course. 

Merit scholarship

It is the most common scholarship type which is only awarded by the merit basis. Total excellent academic achievements needto get eligible to qualify the scholarship. 

Athletic scholarships

This scholarship is provided based on the skills that an athlete need to demonstrate his/her excellence in the area. The students who are excellent athletes in the school time, then their college education paid through this athletic scholarship. 

Need based scholarship

This scholarship is applicable for the students who are economically weak in the society and proposed to help the less fortunate candidates to get the academic degrees. 

Major- specific scholarship

These days, many colleges and institutions provide scholarship to students in a specific subject. To get this scholarship, the student must have an excellent track record on that specific subject.

Minority/ religious and Ethnic Scholarships

Few ethnic groups, religious organizations and minority communities also offer financial help to the members to pursue the desired education. 


Few scholarships are offered in the fellowship form. Usually the students use this to conduct research or study advanced degree in the field. It covers the cost of courses and research. 

Scholarships are far better than the loans. By acquiring the scholarship, it helps to considerably reduce the cost of studies which is the most cost effective tool to achieve. 

Government of Kerala has the portal to get the details of DCE scholarship and it allows to apply online too. They provide wide types of scholarship includes PMS, CSS, SMS, MSCT, HS, MGS, BPHFC, JS, MFAS, SSE, MNS and MSCT. Likewise, each state in India like, TamilNadu, Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat and so on has its own scholarship portal to get the details about the scholarship from Kinder Garden level to Postgraduate level. 




Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to get into politics?

How to get into politics?

Leaders of all political parties, welcome youth to join politics, with open arms. Its evergreen cliche.

But no party or leader to guide them beyond that glorified entry point. What after? Just become a member of party, and be on the invite list of party events & programmes? Or be activiely involved in public protests by opposition parties? Be active communicators of the ruling party?

For a democratic country like India, where minimum governance is still a pipe dream, every political activist's role is crucial.

In most cases politicians at lowest rung would be used by leaders to execute at the goundlevel  their political gameplans. Party hierarchy is defined with key posts to people who can lead party into next elections or who can better convey their message to the masses, apart from working as efficient functionary.

When most jump into fray?

Most top cadre politicians start at ground level, beginning at school/ college elections. Post education, they join mainstream, with anchors as already built up contacts, and try to grow from there.
Eg:- Chandra Babu Naidu

Chandra Babu Naidu

Some jump into the fray, as their family is already into it, and they become automatically accepted as leaders, by masses. And these hold key positions from beginning due to weight of family.
Eg:-  Nehru Gandhi family and Rajasekhar Reddy family etc




Nehru Gandhi family



Rajasekhar Reddy family

There's a third category, and rarely, people already into some professions, get into politics, motivated by right opportunities...
While the former was a College faculty, and the later was from business family. Another good example is Ganta SrinivasaRao, who is a seasoned politician, and a minister in current AP govt, was well established into business, before taking plunge into politics.

Eg:- Dadi VeeraBhadra Rao and Konathala Ramakrishna of Akp.

Dadi VeeraBhadra Rao

Konathala Ramakrishna

The way forward?

A politician has to be sensitive while not being so in many aspects.
In most cases, if you are financially (very) well off and able to take chances at opportune times, sky can be said to be the only limit, beyond dictats by high command of the respective party. For all others, it depends on their efficiency and streetsmartness, as ideally no one wishes best for you, as all are competitors, some or the other way.

In most cases, people become extraordinarily rich in a matter of decade or so, especially if they hold MLA/ ministries, irrespective of how they started.


In India, its the most powerful career option. Nothing moves here, without politician's involvement.
You will have a chance to do greatest good or worst harm, only possible by being a politician.
Being famous ( as well as notorious) is part of package.


Unless you are financially well off, it might be difficult to have good innings.
Its 24x7 involvement, it might  reduce your personal and family time, may cut away personal pleasures/ obligations.
Its not possible to have private life, in public.
You can be subject of people's ire,  sometimes, without your doing.


Instead of cursing bad politicians, its better to join politics, and to put in efforts to change to an extent possible. And one should be thick skinned enough to handle things in unforeseen situations. Overall politics in India, presents immense opportunities to do more than anyother avenue.

Eager to know your feedback for this article,  along with your pick for favourite politician, with a reason

Thursday, October 1, 2015

How not to exist ?

This applies to companies as well as people. The title may seem a little misleading, but the idea is to dwell on how to be mindful in case of people,  and how to thrive for companies.

Ideally people should only explore on what interests & excites them, especially in choosing vocation.
When interest is there, nothing is more important, not even money.
But unfortunately, so many people spend their lives like a ball in ping-pong game,  almost always the thrusting force is money. Most spend their life from paycheck to paycheck, and nothing much else is on their minds. That's is living dead, which is only a little better than brain-dead!

Companies, big or start ups are the same. As soon as they don't have enough cash-flows, it will be like breathless situation. If money is always there on your mind, you will lose everything else, and its no fun.
Like people should be to their interests, companies must stick to their ever changing grand vision, to gear up for next level.

This is all fine, we must have all heard this, somewhere or the other, but following the same is not easy. That's why so many people and companies get distracted, fall into time wasting trap.

Just as good intentions are not enough, as the real action requires unprecedented discipline & attitude. Many people got used to following someone successful before them, on the path to their success. That might actually work in some cases, but it can actually be  disastrous, as every one is not the same, Nor their situations etc.

This requires their original and native thinking, to make any headway! Which is very very rare.
But it need not be. The more obsessive & passionate you are about your interests & vision, the easier you can get into the mode ie...the right mind set.

The right mindset ( can we call it FULLNESS OF MIND?) sees to leverage even obstacles, and it paves the way for the shortest route to meet your vision.

I prefer to cite some examples, to this most theoretic discussion. But every successful person or company is a testimony to this. But there are people and companies who loss their track, and had to face a rude shock. Basics are basics, and never to be forgotten.

A writer being stuck, will have to choose between his writing, and wasting his time thinking about meeting temporary situations.

One way can lead to glory, and the other option make him fall on the wayside.

You can substitute any profession. If your interest and passion in it, you can feel solid inside out, and very soon, you can manifest to meet your cravings. And in the process you will minimize and crush all distractions and obstacles.

The only exception can be when there's no value or no one values  your interest or passion, in such case, you  have to really think hard. Frankly I'm yet to find an interest or passion which can't be monetized!

A seasoned sales person,I spoke to , thinks that positioning your brand is a luxury,as he representing an IT startup, he's struggling to survive, trying to cater to all kinds of businesses. But he can definitely fare better, by right positioning his company, and clearly defining his value proposition.

I believe this is the only way to live life to the fullest, and by following  the lesson you know how not to live, and how to take best care of your only life here on earth. Equally applies for companies.