Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wierd thoughts !?

Am not sure how many feel the way sometimes,  while you are in the middle of something, some stray thought comes to mind, which looks normal at first, but if you tried to interpret the same, it might be some odd or unnecessary thoughts, or it might be good even - that often reflects your inner definition or boundary of yourself, that often mirrors your self esteem.

The journey of self discovery is most vital, and hence the capturing of these stray or random thoughts - always they give good reflection of your habits, or understandings from whole of your past!

This also means a portion of  your mind is busy in the back ground, even while you are too busy.

I noticed it's often has been the built up over a period of time of your whole past. If it is good, you are in for a good treat, otherwise it will haunt you, like anything.

The only remedy I found, especially the distractions you have are of negative, is to visualise what you want like never before, like anything. You should be so hungry for pleasant things in life that, you should spend visualising having them right away, and being in the process of accomplishing them, a any cost. It will increase your focus to a all time high & you will enjoy life too.

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