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Maharashtra 2014 Elections – Top politicians to watch out for

Mission Elections Maharashtra

 The race to become the PM of the country might have finished but the race to become the CM of the second largest state in the country is yet to begin. Let us take a look at the list of bureaucrats who top the list of contenders for the top post of Maharashtra.


Adopting the strategy of BJP who announced Modi as the PM candidate in advance which helped the party win the elections, MNS chief Raj Thackery was the first one to declare himself as the CM candidate dauntless of the political pounding in recent lok sabha elections. He praised Mr Modi for being the reason behind their astounding victory. Raj Thackrey who hails from the Thackrey family who are associated with Shiv Sena is the son of younger brother of Bal Thackeray. Though he quit the party in 2006 following irreconcilable differences with cousin Uddhav Thackeray he considered his uncle Bal Thackrey as his mentor. He and his party have been always against the immigration into Maharashtra from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and have been criticized for using violence during their agitations. On this Thackrey had clarified that violence is a part of all Indian political agitations and were un necessarily highlighted by other politicians and media to taint their reputation.


On the other hand his cousin Uddhav Thackrey has rubbished away any intention to become the CM of Maharashtra and his priority is to bring the BJP - Shiv Sena alliance into power. He also clarified that his parties demand for him to be the state chief minister is out of the love and affection and he was thankful to them. The decision for picking the CM candidate will be collectively taken with the alliance partners. The Grand Alliance talks on seat-sharing for the Maharashtra Assembly elections due within four months will start soon. The party chief's decisions are expected to ease the tensions among the alliance over the critical issue of who will be announced as the next chief ministerial candidate with many names from all major political parties already being published.


With Sharad Pawar from NCP stepping down from being projected as the chief minister candidates many names are doing rounds from NCP for an eligible match. His nephew Ajit Pawar, who is the current Deputy Chief Minister, has never hidden his aspirations to be the state chief minister. He has urged that the NCP should announce its candidate and contest the assembly polls under his leadership. He has adopted his uncle’s collective leadership mantra and is working together with other aspirants for the top post which include Jayant Patil, R R Patil and Chhagan Bhujbal. He is being instrumental in reviewing the drought like situation in Maharashtra and the government has collected information based on which a decision will be taken to compensate the farmers in the meeting scheduled for July 30. There were many allegations and criticisms over corruption which were made against him but none of them till date have been proved correct.


The sudden demise of Mr Gopinath Munde has toppled the chances of a speculative win by the BJP Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra. Munde was undoubtedly the only chief minister candidate of BJP who was sure to win the Maharashtra elections following in the footsteps of Mr Modi. Like Modi was unanimously elected by everyone to be their PM Munde also was an ideal candidate destined to win the elections. He was a counter to the NCP's Sharad Pawar and was the only voice with a credible track record that was able to oppose Pawar stiffly even in the last election. He was the person responsible for establishing the six party forces with RPI joining the alliance two years back. Swabhimaani Paksha and the Shiv Sangraam were roped in recently before the Lok Sabha elections. He could foresee that Raju Shetty the Swabhimaani Paksha chief had strong presence among sugarcane farmers and milk producers in Western Maharashtra and could be used as a mighty force against the NCP.


The Aam Aadmi Party which had earlier decided not to contest in Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly polls and currently focus on Delhi have backtracked their words and have decided to contest for one fourth of the seats. Till now around nine 'Chintan Shibhir' sessions have been organized in Maharashtra to take feedback and come out with a decision. However nothing has been decided on what constituencies AAP candidates will contest from but they are sure that they will contest the state elections. A final decision will be made by the members and party workers soon. The state convener Anjali Damania has confirmed the news. With most of the members who are new to politics the party has a tough task ahead in finalizing the Chief Minister candidates list.


Both the Muslim and Hindi communities in Maharashtra were going through a very bad phase after the Babri Masjid riots. Abu Asim Azmi who was an established Muslim Businessmen known to everyone was no exception to this and fell prey to some false allegations. He fought his case till Supreme Court and did not leave the battle until he was declared innocent. This was a life changing event for him and he decided to help many more innocent people like him who were un necessarily troubled. Among them there were people who did not even have money to arrange a lawyer for themselves. He joined SamajWadi Party in 1995 and was elected as President, Mumbai. Under his leadership they fought the 1995 elections and won 2 seats from Mumbai, one in Nehru Nagar and the other in Umer Khadi. The following BMC elections ,Samajwadi party repeated the success in manifolds with a huge success of 22 Municipal councilors. Thus Samajwadi Party’s debuted in Maharashtra legislative assembly as one MLC was elected as Samajwadi Party candidate. Azmi successfully led the Samaj wadi Party in different parts of Maharashtra , apart from Mumbai in spite of the opponents trying to ruin the success of Samajwadi Party.

With other parties like AIMIM, Bahujan Mukti party etc some of whom have already named their candidates and some yet to name, it will be a game to be watched closley to see who will succeed Prithvi Raj Chavan to become the next chief minister of the state and we can only hope that the people elect a prompt leader rather than a perpetrator.

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