Thursday, October 22, 2009

capability > necessity

What you need:
When I keep thinking of 'what I need', I keep dreaming about the 7-digit income, or sometimes the bare minimum that meets immediate needs, the georgeous houses I'll have , and the flashy cars I'm going to have....on and on. My adrenalin gets pumped up, I feel like the best or the most achieved/ successful, without reason. No thoughts, only feelings felt - may be a few very feelings about myself. A kinda drowsiness sweeps in.

I'm not sure how much it works, because it's thinking about getting or recieving something, which is passive and not active.

What I can:
But for anything to happen BIG or small, you must use or leverage the environment, ie., anything or everything that can help you grow, and for that you must undersatnd the environment, and you must increase the understand as much as possible and as fast as possible.

When you understand the world around you, you will know how much you can grow, as your vision improves and clarity happens.

'What I can?' can give > 'what I need?'.

So each of focus have to focus on understanding the world out there, then we can figure out how best we can play the game. basically we 'll know 'what I can', if we work on it, we'll always have more than we need.

May I ask you to share your opinions and any specific examples in your life ?

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