Saturday, October 24, 2009

Engaging skilled people on day(s) basis !

In the recent election campaigns, for every politician /star's visit, people thronged & filled all the places. For some of the politicians, conversion rates (into votes) were very poor. It made me wonder, why/how so many people come to all those road shows and meetings, in the middle of any week (aka working) day, making all the campaigns successful.

Leaving aside political angle, I'm thinking about what all these people would have done, if there be no campaign/meeting. Have all of them been paid to attend these meetings, that's why they have been double excited, encouraging speakers? May be! That means, they don't have better thing to do, in terms of time & money, at that point of time. Perhaps we can say the most are unemployed, and the few are employees but have boring jobs. Even a fraction of truth is there in this, that's too bad.

There are many people who waste hell lot of time, in the name of time pass. They are made by the same god, as anyone else. they have as much potential, as any great/successful man.

There are students who think roaming or doing time-pass is having fun & joy, because they have no reason to look beyond it, nor they don't have better options.

Many are unemployed, lacking direction, except trying to fit themselves into any job, because all their friends are doing or have done the same, and never know if there's any better option!.

There are many people who lost jobs during this recession, feel like they don't have a form or expression, and think they can not be happier and have meaningful life, unless they have a job. Because they don't have any other option.

There are many self employed business men, and during recession not having much work, nor they have zeal to think beyond circumstances. Because they are used to, and they have no better option.

There are many retired employees, whose enormous experience & knowledge can help mankind a lot better. Who said by age of 60 or 65 they become useless bunch.?But most of them go down, doing time pass with their like minded people. All these like minded people don't have better option of utilizing their time better, or by that time try are hardwired into behaving like somebody resting, after about 3-4 decades of hard work.

I'm contemplating about how to increase the value of time, the only precious entity, that can't be b(r)ought back ! As stated above, over 95% of people, are wasting their time, because they don't have or know of better options to pursue, or they just got used to it. They only know the world as two colors. One is employed lucky, the other is unfortunate & unemployed.

I am thinking about creating a channel where anyone can hope of getting a suitable work, for as little as one day, to couple of weeks, and get benefited financially to a little extent, and be satisfied tat comes from having done some productive work. Once the assigned job is through, he/she will be paid for the same, and he's on his own again, and no strings attached. She/he may be technically qualified at the basic level, or overqualified professional, or few and far in between. How to engage people whoever have time and suitable skilled profile, at that point of time, and so it's not regular employment?

I believe every small/BIG firm have some some works, that can't be done by their regular employees, and at the same time, they can't hire a regular employee to do the same. These irregular works need some skill set/experience to handle them, can add to efficiencies if handled well in time, and that too cost effectively.

Doing basic survey esp on companies, the chances of having these odd works, and on the chances of their preferring of hiring suitable people on a few days basis. This is like hiring freelancers at the micro level.

Here through this blog I want to put this idea across to the world at large, and I'll be eagerly waiting for any opinion/suggestion...

My question is: As a company,
1)can you identify certain irregular works ?
2)Given an option, what is your thinking about hiring someone for couple of days or more ? What are pros & cons, by doing that ?

(Looking to find answers from all irrespective of their countries & work cultures)

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