Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twitter :My new best friend !

Books are men's best friends. It's been very true in my case. My perspective on anything and everything shaped up by the books I read more than anything. Especially in last 7-8 years, I have always have companion of one good book at a time I have been reading daily 30 to 60 minutes. I read either early morning or in the night, so the max influence of the book can be felt, and sometimes or many times, the few pages/lines I read made my day.

Good (carefully select) books can be great friends, that help you improve your understanding, and will let you have a chance to associate with some of the great minds the ever existed in past or present.

Few months back while going through Robin Sharma's blogs, I came across 'twitter' link. Though ignored couple of times, finally I felt like I have to check out- what it is? Thanks for my curiosity, I opened a twitter account (, soon I found it to be very useful. Though I am not spending much time on it, nor I will not, it became a part of my daily life, notbecause I have been addicted to tweeting, but because of the value I see almost every time I log into.

Just to meniton coupla high value benefits I see from twitter :

  • You can follow anyone/everyone you like, no matter whether celebrity, or no-namer : I believe Twitter is the only media, where you will have a chance to follow anyone you like!
  • Not just passive following, you can interact with anyone - who has a twitter account, and if he/she is on it actively : Again no other media gives you such a wonderful chance.
  • For making the best use of your time, you can create a list of the best of the best, you would like to follow closely, and this selective feed can be the best of the best & the most cutting edge in the respective field : No where else anyone could have come across such a privilege.
  • In 140 characters, It lets you have a chance to contribute & connect with the world at large. It's easy & can be highly impactful.
  • Though it's impact as marketing tool is yet to be felt in India, it gives a great chance to contribute to your online brand/profile.
...and so on.

Though I have n't left on my 1st favourite: reading books, but the time I spend on reading has come down to maximum of 10-15 mts daily. Whereas the select tweets I follow, and the content in terms of blog/video or a webinar that comes from tweets, I have to be liberal in time, because of the 'value' I find in it.

Only a few months into twitter, it's my 'the best resource' for life, and my new best friend. And I can't dream of living without spending at least a few minutes on twitter daily, and that I believe is investment for my life.

...Look forward to know any different view points & your first impressions about twitter.

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