Saturday, April 10, 2010

On lies: Lie +F (Fun)=LiFe

Lying is a very common trait...
Some people don't lie, but for many people lying is a daily thing.
Some lie purposely, while some lie without a reason!
Some lie expertly, while when some lie, it's trasperant like water.
Some lie for profit, while some lie for sadism!
Some lie to save life, while some lie to take life!
Some lie, while some make a truth out of a lie!
Some lie to project, and some lie to eject ! 
Some lie to promote, and some might lie to demote, or to evade any action.

For some 'Life is a lie', for some 'Lie(s) is life'.
Both are bad to experience, pity them 'both some', for they are missing life!

When lying is good?
If you lie, and you'll follow up it with only  bigger & more enjoyable truth. 
When you lie for fun: ie.,  Lie +F (Fun)=LiFe.

When you strongly feel it's the only right thing to do. (but This is subjective!)

But what happens when you lie a lot? 
Perhaps you have made a mistake, and you started a series of lies to cover it up!

When you lie - you have to remember what you said. So everytime you lie, and don't lie, you have to remember all your lies, so no conflict among your lies. This causes lot of stress & tension mentally & physically. Moreover the other party can always find out what you are saying - you can't control!

Life means progress& fun. But when you always and totally preoccupied with worries about your lies and trying to save your face with further lies, not only you are losing your present time, you are damaging your physical health, and you are mentally at the bottom, and utterly ill-equipped for future! If you are wealthy, it's your doctors' blessing. Bu the best gift can't bring smile in your face, and the best opportunity (GOD) can't save you. 

You have to start right from where you are, and start being truthful to yourself! Things may n't pick up fast, but that happens eventually. You will start feeling good! If saying truth is not comfortable, don't say - but don't lie. And don't repeat mistakes! Your life will turn around. You have to start living this wonderful opportunity called life! You can start doing that by being being truthful to yourself!

When is the last time you lied, and you are glad (still) you did?  Please share your experience that might trigger an interesting and tickling debate!

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