Monday, April 5, 2010

the easies - whose gain?

It's so easy to get easy that you won't know until after some time.

Many a time you 'll feel direction-less and lost when you are aiming for a direction.

You feel like no-sense in sticking around, and smartness in giving up.

No-one promised you that life is fair, but you have the habit of complaining that 'life is not fair'.

It's so easy to copy, while to innovate you may need  a lot of focus and action!

It's easy to follow someone, while not giving damn about the same!

It's easy to follow your parents, your elders, and your communities, while growing beyond or despite them is not. Standing up for yourself is not.

It's easy to respond to an itching or a temptation.

It's easy & be smug sleeping till late in the morning.

It's easy to swallow, and hence you rarely chew!

It's easy to complain, than to oblige or take responsibility?

It's easy to watch TV for hours.

It's easy to skip thru pages than understanding and putting the stuff to any use.

It's easy to team up with inferiors feeling the smartest...

It's easier to walk than to run, and it's even easier to sit & sleep.

It's easier to nod than to think on one's feet!


None of these easy things make your life better by an inch.  The more easies you adopt in your life,the more your life is hell and the quicker!

If a producer devised an end product to make one's life easier, it's producer's gain, as he captured and met the demand of humanity. It's waste for everyone else unless they start thinking about' how this new tool can be put to better usage'.

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