Saturday, May 29, 2010

India - where in the world?

Not sure anyone can make any impact on masses, unless you are top in stardom or you belong to Indira Gandhi family ! May be it's not an impact either, except that they used the people's minds over time for their survival or growth, at times may n't be intentionally.

In this country, can anyone aim to become a CM or PM by being fair in all dealings? It's not in our culture to appreciate ambition, and actually that looks the most selfish, if one has such aims. Our culture has innate belief that anything selfish is bad, worse and the worst!

But everyone has desires. But no body dares to freely express the same. Desires are looked upon as bad, no matter what they may be - good or bad. So a good person is supposed to have no desires, lest he will be called selfish, or weak person. Successful is the person, who has no personal desires, feelings and emotions, and  is all for public good. People believe them with lightening speed.

Politicians, top players in many fields became professional at playing this trick! Every politican moslty talks about poor or SC/ST people, as if it is unquestionable or invincible mantra! Common man is god of all! No one appreciates ability, and everyone's all time preoccupation is dealing with inability, not to contain it, but to encash it. 

There are no ideals any more. Only cheating is there, widespread. We keep one thing in mind, and by the times it comes out, it will have different colour and taste. More parasites (than producers), and their number keeps growing every second. More dependents than independents. India has no position in the world other than being second largest populated country ( & sure can overtake China in this soon). India has among the least living space per head, as we are densely populated. And no one started taking this seriously. 

When this degeneration started in this country? Why our fore-fathers were so rich, so much intellectually, and far advanced in science & technology ? Why our Indians never invaded any other country? Why we never seriously wanted to become numero uno in any thing in the world? We only hoped with childish curiosity that it happens somehow. 

Where is India - where in the world?
Do we have answers?
Can we turn around all this towards & for growth?
A new leadership is in the horizon?
How to identify & nourish the same, before it gets lost?
Where is India - where in the world? 

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