Sunday, July 4, 2010

Are doctors injurious to health ?

This subject has been in the making for long time, and,  as it started when I was 11 or 12 years old.

My observations:
  • The more doctors in your close circle or in your family, you tend know more about diseases, and more probably you get at least some of them, if not in addition to.
  • No doctor I came across was or is really healthy!
  • All doctors are there to make live experiments on their patients' bodies ( some work out  and  some don't.), and either way they make money.  
Personally or otherwise I have seen enough incidents, that make me think many times if I have to visit a doctor for any reason. Every time doctors may not be wrong, as I have seen a few good doctors as well, and hence the problem is there are only a few good doctors out there. Hence manytimes suspicion about doctors' ability and credibility rules over any belief in them.
  • During my childhood,  I have seen a dentist in Govt hospital asking (without actually examining) a kid  which tooth to pluck out & that dentist did remove the pointed tooth (without trying to validate/ verify)!
  • In Bangalore, a healthy lady in her thirties came to  a star hospital  for some headache, and she never gone back home, as in literally 3 days, she's no more.
  • A dentist has broken an adjoining tooth of patient while trying to work on a tooth ! 
  • So many cesarean operations, only because that's a chance for doctors/ hospitals to earn more.
  • A friend's pregnant wife was scared (without reason) by a reputed gynecologist that the kid will have a limp in leg, whereas when delivered the born kid was absolutely healthy, and the kid is 5 now.
  • A famous heroine's mother was treated right side of brain, while she had to be treated on the other side. 
  • on and on and on....
... there won't be an end to this list, many of them reflect a system, that needs immediate treatment. Finding wheat from chaff is not easy, finding the best doctor from the rest is not easy, but that's a must for us all  to protect our health day-in day-out.

In some areas some doctors are renowned, but that's not sure a way to say they are the best. Perhaps it just worked for them, in the same way  a stone gets a roof in the form of temple in many villages, and gets staunch devotees, without reason.

Is there a way we can get to know the best medical help or hospitals in any city/town/village? As without which it's like lighting candle and keeping it exposed, and it's not good for any one's health, and it's in fact injurious mostly.

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