Friday, October 1, 2010

If China becomes BIG Brother, what will India hope for?

Asian countries are dumping US dollar, and many countries are claiming dollar can no longer be world standard for exchange of currencies.!
US govt is printing cash, like hell. Many economic pundits are expecting crash of dollar.
US unemployment is still at alarming levels, despite (or due to ?) Obama's medications.
And US is biggest debtor country today, and China is the biggest creditor nation !!!

To cut the long story short, it looks like the end of numero uno status of America ! Obviously China is going to be (or is it already is?) 'Big brother' for all. Whatever it be for rest of the world, it's not really good for India!

India can't stand it, nor it can do much about it. India can't be too friendly (playing second fiddle to) with China, nor otherwise!

Our only hope is USA can  at least stay where it's now! And it looks most unlikely, and it's really bad!

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