Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bye to Smugness & Welcome to 'a little more' curiosity

Oh, done…Enough is done for the day.


Wow, this is great. And I need a break, and I need to enjoy, and I want more enjoyment – that perhaps have been missing all along!


So much time was wasted with this thinking…and feeling desperate for some happiness and enjoyment.


I could have 3-4 times the progress made if only I used this time, and I could have more of life in my control, if I doggedly slogged.


Do I need a break? Does the break mean watching TV, and chatting with friends and forgetting my very responsibilities?

Then I don't need a break.


I'm trying to do what I like, on the way to do what I love. There's no chance or time to get wasted anymore.


Perhaps the only break we need only when we have some considerable health situations. In a way the time is well spent, mostly by reading great books, or such resources. That helps a lot.


Instead of feeling smug about what you have done, always be curious to know how it feels to do a little more. How things will be done if they are done a little faster, and with a little more seriously.


That changes every thing. The more you used to 'how about a little more?' curiosity, the better your life, and the more successful your life will be.


san said...

I think, if enough curiosity is there and continued even after a little achievement in the things that we are involved in, the feeling of achievement will act like an active catalyst for curiosity. People will be more productive and get more enthusiasm to work only if they feel like they achieved something. Instead of setting the new target and new goals after the achievement, if people get in to more relaxed zone with smugness, that where wrong the step. As long as they setup new goals and more targets to achieve taking a break is acceptable and very essential in some cases. taking a break is not always wasting of time. its like move your mind out of box and think look at the work with all new view. that gives you more new ideas and more new ways to find a problem ahead.

srujana said...

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Ravi Janardhan said...

You are absolutely right San. Hope you are doing great, with your job as well as hope your own apps performing well.