Friday, May 30, 2014

why we dont pick the best always ?

First time I heard about blogging over 6 years back, and about seasoned bloggers are calling the shots! I felt I was very smart to know about it, and started preaching to neighbors and other friends, how smart it's to make in 6-7 figures, just by blogging.

Whoever listened to me would have assumed that I would start. But no, I had not started. I may be started, but I never continued, beyond couple of posts. I knew I do write very well, but there I stopped. And though I learned of the opportunity, I never really tried to crack it.

And without thinking much....started a business, because its kind of fancy, at least to me,  to have started business, to have our own private limited company. Times have been Topsy turvy most of the time, but continued.

Now again due to our recent start up brandDigi, a digital marketing agency, day in & day out, we keep talking about the power of blogging for personal branding as well as business success. I feel too bad not to have started blog 6 years back....and  i feel even one year back also would have done a lot of difference.

Bygones be gone, now we are starting a blog on lifestyle & health on SalsaTimes. Hope we succeed, in getting satisfaction, and if not in other matters :(

What perturbs me a lot is why I have not started when the very first time we come to know.  Why we allow small small obstacles dim the big picture?

Looking back, I have so many such moments, where I could have picked to do great, but I did not do.

The first thing that comes to my mind is

  • When I was 18, I had found greatest book of all the time: Think and Grow Rich, in my hands.  I did read the book, and kept aside like any other story book. Only if I followed even 1% of it, life could be much better by now.
  • I could have started visualizing as soon as I came to know the concept, but I always postponed.
  • etc etc
I think now I have developed tendency to catch first better thing I come across, but a lot of time wasted doing otherwise.

Hope this post helps someone wake up faster, rather than clinging to the smug & lazy habits of the past.

Let me know your experiences.

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