Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prosecuting Akbaruddin after 10 years?

He's 42, loved & married a christian.
His father found MIM & his family at the helm of the party ever since.
Holidays in London frequently.
Plays Muslim card to the extreme, to win in elections.

Currently he's MIM Chandrayangutta MLA.

Countless hate speeches.

It's surprising to see such bizarre profile on wikipedia.

No action was taken due to secular parties in govt. Secular got a new meaning, being synonymous with scared of touching minorities, despite anything.

For a hate speech made in 2004, a case in under section 153(A) and 188, cops get nod to act only in 2014. In this regard GO No 754 was issued by the state law department.

What a system?!?!

Here too many aspects to be looked into.

It's mandatory to obtain prior permission from government to prosecute any person booked under section (153A).

There should be a time time limit, where the government is required to revert within a period, at any cost. Without such checks, we see what's happening !!!
So must the cops have the right to seek justification of any small delay.

Or purposely the case was booked under 153(A) just to keep under the wraps so long that it will be forgotten or becomes obsolete ?!?

God knows how many such cases across country, piling under dust!

But there are too many hate speeches, by Akbaruddin alone! What the governments are doing?

As noted Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar tweeted last year:it's ridiculous that 2 innocent girls get arrested for an innocent Facebook posting, and this Akbaruddin is still at large and spilling venom, wherever he goes!!!

What's his motive?

It's not difficult to understand.

The other parties are so blackmailed to the extent that, they would not field a Muslim candidate in the fray, especially against MIM.

MIM wants to spread across, beyond Hyderabad, and they see they have a chance of doing it only by polarising and encouraging divisions on communal lines.

For him Osama Bin Laden is like a god & Kasab was an innocent kid. All indians are impotents & dogs, and all policemen are jokers. Even God is not spared! It's easy to influence uneducated poor people with these meaningful rhetoric, and to cash on their emotional imbalances.

Now what?
Here we need not question or judge BJP's motive.
The point is that's the right thing to do, late is better than never.

What's the way out for them now, as all the so called secular parties can cry their tears aloud, and do nothing more nor else. BJP & its NDA allies clean sweeped elections.

Already scared & being able to sense what's in the coming, his brother Asaduddin Owaisi too started giving hate speeches. May be soon they will be called "hate speech brothers"!

Absolutely one feels " Ache din aane wale hain ".

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