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What's the way ahead for Jagan Mohan Reddy?

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, is son of ex-CM Y S. Rajasekhar Reddy. He's the owner of Sakshi Telugu paper, Sakshi TV, and Chief promoter of Bharathi Cements.

In the recent assembly elections, his party scored 40%+ votes in AP winning 67 seats single handedly, where as the other side stood mighty allaince of TDP, BJP & Pawan Kalyan. TDP won over YSRCP,  with thin majority of 1.96% more voters.

Odarpu yatra


Odarpu yatra started in 2010 to mourn his father's death : considered to be height of the joke by many parties,  but he used to make himself closure to masses  : it was a campaign to promote his father's legacy, and to tirade against TDP & Congress.  This shows how shrewd ans smart he is.

Cases against him

CBI filed  a 68 page charge-sheet against him in disproportionate assets case, where  he's accused of conspiring with his father  to dole out favors to companies to invest in businesses a in a quid pro quo arrangement.

Interestingly he or his mother Vijayamma never categorically denied to the allegations, except making same kind of allegations levelled against TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu.

Looks like sofar CBI did not have a single proof, and cleared him, in 8 out of 10 cases.  In the remaining two cases he may get imprisionment if proven guilty.

His style

Imitates his father in public meetings, but he wants to beat everyone including his father in dominating mindshare of people. Many pointed to easing out the YSR's photo from flexis etc.

People say that he does not like somebody better looking  appear close to him, especially in the public.

He Never spoke or responded in public about cases or allegations against him.

Never took rest except the time he was in jail, since his father's accidental death.
He Looks always full of love, well mannered & soft, and holds people by their cheeks :)

Some allegations are there reg his personal life while being in jail,for 16 months.

Did Congress help?

Rumours have been aloud  that he came to an understanding with congress party last year,  as nothing else can explain his getting a bail (after his bail petition was rejected somany times before, citing its a 'complex' case), and some of his other confidants release happened in quick succession.

His, like many others', dreams shattered, thanks to the BJP winning absolute majority at the centre.

Way ahead!

With 67 seats he has a role to play strong opposition to TDP government. To that extent, it might be good for the residual AP.

The flip side is when the investigations against him resumes, and how long he will be out on bail, are the moot questions.

There may not be witch hunt like Congress did on him till last year, but there is no one to support either, and he's out of the options politically. Unlike last time where he struck a deal with Congress leaders to come out on bail, as everyone opines.

But If he's into jail again...

His & his party's plight will be horrible. He may lose whatever base he has right now. His cases may not fetch as much sympathy as he got before, among the masses.  Just as he was having more sympathy & influence when he was in jail, than when he was out on bail later.

Already there are rumours that he may merge his party YSRCP into Congress. But that too can't help much, as Congress itself is in it's worst possible shape in its history, has not got a chance to claim to be main opposition at the centre.

Running a loss making behemoths like Sakshi paper & Sakshi TV,  may not be possible, for long.

Next few years...

Nothing can be said for sure, and but by then there might be Pawan Kalyan's party, in a good form. If that's the case,  it's not good for Jagan's or his party. Also BJP has good chance of growing in the state too. A lot also depend on how Chandrababu accelerates progress of the residual state.

He was not reachable first few times for Chandra Babu's call to invite him for swearing in ceremony, later also he criticized the same for unnecessary extravaganza.

Unless the cases against him do not disturb him much, he will be in vulnerable situation for next few years.

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