Monday, June 2, 2014

KCR vs Chandrababu



Believes in numerology, astrology.

A very shrewd man, to the extent of disowning & taking u turn on his own words. He took U turn on his promise of first CM post to a dalit. He compensated a little by making a dalit deputy CM.

Before joining politics, he was having a consultancy, through which he used to send people to Dubai, and other gulf countries, and his nick name then was Dubai Sekhar

Got used to pressurizing politics, thanks to week and coalition governments at the center sofar. Going might be very hard, as there is no one to blackmail, now at the center.

He will have hard time keeping in check his old habits.

Now he's huge responsibility to govern & to show results.

KCR might lack experience in governance, but might turn out to be ruthless, in getting things done, just as he's been relentless in achieving separate state.

KCR did not invite BABU for his swearing in !!!

Now is it a sign of things to come?




Someone who works hardest for the cause he believes in.

An advantage is his background as a builder, and his nine years - longest serving CM of united Andhra Pradesh, and friendly government at the center.

He's all the smiles recently, everything came in handy, like BJP,Modi factor, and Pawan Kalyan all just in time.

Chandrababu, cant be that relentless as KCR, given that he is aiming for power in Telangana too, at the earliest.  That does not seem to help Babu, definitely not Andhra.

As any pro- Andhra stand Babu is going to take will be dubbed as Anti-Telangana, by pink brigade, and Chandrababu might find his feet on sand slipping away. Just as we witnessed in TDP's (no definite stand) plight during Telangana movement.

It's difficult to convince both states, even if you have taken the best stand on any issue.

You have to choose between one or the other, as you can't be on both the sides at the same time.  As its not easy, to impress people in both states at the same time.

So wherever there's  no contention, there may not be any issue. Like getting new projects. But that too can be shown in bad light by capable people in telangana ruling party.

Yesterday on Telangana formation day, Chandrababu said, he demanded for due share of power to Telangana, even if it means injustice to Seemandhra. How Seemandhra reacts to these? How Babu can take such a stand, and take lightly of Seemandhra?

Already Polavaram project is an issue, where not only Telangana, other states like Odisha, Maharastra & chattisghad are opposing the project. How's going to play a role is going to be very crucial.

Chandrababu took initiative of calling KCR & invited him to attend the swearing-in ceremony to Guntur. Have to see if KCR is going to attend.

 That will definitely define : What's in store for  both Telangana & AP in the next few years ?

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