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Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threat to US – The Inside Story

To know the reason behind Kim announcing the nuclear war against United States we have to go back one year in history to see what made him upset. It all started in February 2013 when North Korea conducted a successful nuclear test that annoyed the United States, South Korea and others and in response to the test in March 2013 the United Nations Security Council imposed new economic sanctions against North Korea which annoyed Mr. Kim. This is when for the first time North Korea threatened for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States and the next day it cut off its hot line with South Korea and also voided its non-aggression pact with South Korea.

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Appalled by North Korea’s unpleasant behaviour the administration decided to see how far a nuclear B-2 stealth bomber could fly without landing. The plane flew non-stop from the United States to the Korean Peninsula and back dropping few inert munitions on a range off South Korea’s coast. The flight really made Mr. Kim angrier and made the matters worse. To add fuel to the fire South Korea said that if North Korea provokes South Korea then they may respond with a military strike on statues of the North’s nation founder Kim Il-sung and his son Kim Jong-il which aggravated the situation.

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Another reason is that very few people know that the anti-American leader Kim Jong-il was actually an ardent fan of Hollywood blockbusters James Bond films being his favourite which a secret is kept by North Korea since years. Like father like son who is current Supreme leader has inherited this from his father which was evident from the “Rocky” theme that was recently played at a special state concert. Hollywood to be released flick by Columbia Pictures which is a comedy about a plot to assassinate the son, Kim Jong-un which has not gone down well with the Supreme Leader and North Koreans have reacted by calling the movie an “act of war” and have announced threats at the Obama administration for masterminding the film to undermine their nation. A spokesman for its Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency that if the United States administration approves or supports the release of this film, ‘The Interview’ then they will have no other option than to take a decisive and merciless countermeasure which may lead to loss of lives in United States.

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Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. He is the son of Kim Jong-il and the grandson of Kim Il-sung. He was officially declared the supreme leader following the state funeral for his father on 28 December 2011. He is the world's youngest head of state at the age of 31 years. He is world's 46th most powerful person in Forbes Magazine's List of The World's Most Powerful People in 2013. Kim Jong-un is trying to erase all traces of his father's rule after stepping into power and replacing all top brass with officers who are loyal to him alone. Till now three defence ministers and four chiefs of the army's general staff had been replaced and five of the seven men who had escorted his father's hearse two years earlier had been eliminated. Jang Sung-taek his uncle is believed to have been executed by machine gun. After his execution on 12 December 2013 state media warned that the army will never pardon all those who disobey the order of the Supreme Commander. It has been claimed that Kim Jong-un has also put to death members of Jang's family. According to multiple sources, Kim is attempting to completely destroy all traces of Jang's existence through extensive executions of his family, including the children and grandchildren of all close relatives.

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Many reports have indicated the human rights violations that are continuing under the leadership of Kim Jong-un. The merciless violations include ordering the killing of defectors, conducting public executions and sending people to political prison camps. In the year 2013 a report by UN on the situation of human rights in North Korea proposed an immediate United Nations commission of inquiry to document the accountability of Kim Jong-un and other individuals in the North Korean government for alleged crimes against humanity and make him accountable for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

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According to Pentagon strategic analyst Mark Schneider's report North Korea might have developed nuclear weapons which are advanced enough to be delivered with its ballistic missile forces a fact which the US cannot underestimate. They can be used to strike Hawai, Alaska and parts of the West Coast. The Defence Intelligence Agency has also confirmed the existence of Ballistic Missiles in a separate assignment that was carried out in 2013. Various statements threatening to attack US were made by North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un. However it was reported and assured to the public that Korea's warheads are extremely limited and are untested. But as its capabilities have advanced greatly with the help Chinese helping them to provide technology which they can use to strike almost anywhere in the U.S
In its recent unclassified assessment Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) has stated: “DIA assesses with moderate confidence the North [Korea] currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles.” This conclusion is though very credible is not really new. North Korea was already assessed to have nuclear weapons long before the actual first test of these weapons in 2006. In today’s world building a nuclear weapon tiny enough that can be carried by payloads of North Korea's ballistic missiles is an easy task. Proliferation of a nuclear missile warhead from China to Pakistan and from Pakistan to North Korea has happened. The nuclear stockpile in North Korea is much greater than what it has been assessed to be. North Korean regime being the most brutal Stalinist dictatorship in the world this cannot be neglected. Though North Korea earlier in the past also has made occasional nuclear attack threats against the U.S., the scope, magnitude, and frequency of these threats have increased in 2013. The current U.S. policy is not well suited to handle this threat situation as it downgrades the importance of nuclear deterrence and cuts missile defence.

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Mark Schneider also in his report says “This is disturbing news, The North Korean regime is one of the most fanatic, paranoid, and militaristic dictatorships on the planet. North Korea has in the recent months issued provocative threats to carry out nuclear strikes on U.S. cities and against American allies.” In spite of Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel repeatedly confirming and assuring that both Iran and North Korea were not capable of launching a nuclear attack the Defence Intelligence Agency stands by its assessment that the threat from North Korea is real. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti also confirmed in a congressional hearing that North Korea is a significant threat to United States.

Secretary of Defense - Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel

He Obama administration is being blamed for today’s situation where US is not ready to handle the nuclear attacks planned by Korea. From the initial days in office the Obama administration downgraded the importance of nuclear deterrence and cut missile defence. The Obama administration’s take on the North Korean nuclear threat may be linked with its plans to radically reduce U.S. military capabilities in both the nuclear and the conventional arena in the near future, starting with sequestration. The report concludes by saying that the Obama administration’s ‘nuclear zero’ ideology did not impress North Korea and it may have precipitated the unprecedented nuclear attack threats from North Korea.

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If really North Korea will start a nuclear attack on the worlds super power United States is something which is not certain. But the destruction that I can cause to life of the people is something that we do not even want to imagine. Sitting in Korea they will be able to attack any place in US and launch the ballistic missile and everything that existed in the targeted area will become history. A country like North Korea is not only a threat to US but to the entire world and it is important that everyone meets and prepares for the situation that coming their way.

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