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Who is Roxna Subramanian Swamy?

Like in October 1950 when the ruins of Somnath temple were pulled down in and the mosque present at that site was shifted few kilometres away, Subramanian Swamy has written a letter to Prime Minister Mr. Modi for the reconstruction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya by 2016 and fulfil the party's commitment to the electorate. Also the mosque should be built at public expense across the Saryu River in Ayodhya.

In his letter he suggested Mr Modi to form a Ram Temple Rebuild Committee and appoint former Chief Justice of India like SH Kapadia as the executor who may coordinate with a designated minister like Gen VK Singh. He also wants to call a meeting of Islamic clerics including people from abroad and seek an endorsement. In case this fails then Government should think about enabling a bill in the Parliament and get it passed.

Subramaniam Swamy, Janata Party leader

Subramanian who is  leading Indian politician and economist was previously the President of the Janata Party but in the year 2013 he merged his party with Bharatiya Janata Party. He has a Bachelor Honours degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Statistics. He also studied at Harvard University where he received a PhD in Economics in 1965 and his thesis adviser in Harvard was the famous Nobel Laureate Simon Kuznets.

He joined the faculty of economics at Harvard beginning as an assistant professor and later became an associate professor. He then came back to India and served as the professor of mathematical economics there from 1969 to 1991 in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

His political career started when the right wing political party Jansangh sent him to Rajya Sabha. He was elected Member of Parliament 5 times between 1974 and 1999.


Subramanian Swamy married Roxna Swamy in 1966. He had met her when was at Harvard. She is now an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. They have two daughters, Gitanjali Swamy who is a private equity investment professional in the US married to MIT professor and Suhasini Haider who is an editor at The Hindu and married to Nadeem Haidar son of Salman Haider.

Swamy 5

Subramanian Swamy was one of the people responsible for normalising relations between China and India in 1980’s. It was in his meeting with China’s supreme Deng Xiaoping the opening of Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage route was announced in April 1981 which was widely reported in the media but had some other claimants too.

He is also among the people who made pioneering efforts at establishing diplomatic relations with Israel. In fact Swamy was the first Indian political leader to make publicised trip to Israel where he met with some important Israeli leaders such as Yitzhak Rabin and then Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the year 1982. His efforts at normalising relations with Israel have borne fruit and helped in India’s decision in 1992 to open Embassis in the respective countries.

Swamy n Modi

He was among the first five who wrote letters to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking permission to prosecute A. Raja in regard to the 2G spectrum scam. As Manmohan Singh did not take any action Swamy filed a case on his own in the Supreme Court of India regarding the matter, which then asked the Central Bureau of Investigation to produce a detailed report on it.

Swamy has raised allegations that Sonia Gandhi's sisters Anushka and Nadia have received sixty percent of the kickbacks in the 2G spectrum scam, amounting to INR180 billion (US$3.0 billion) each. His efforts to strike down single directive provision which barred CBI from investigating corruption charges against officers of the rank of joint secretary and above without prior permission of the Govt of India were successful and the provision was deemed to be invalid and unconstitutional.

He also founded the Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI) whose goal is to take specific action against corruption at very high places of government and Indian black money stashed abroad.

Swamy with Obama

With a clean record without any controversies throughout his career Swamy is one person who never hesitated to fight against injustice. No matter who the person is if he felt what is being done is wrong he rose and stood as a wall to stop the evil.

India needs leaders like him to put the country on the path of growth and prosperity. Don’t you agree that we need people like him? In today’s world when every politician is busy filling their pockets is there any other leader who stands for a cause?

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