Monday, March 15, 2010

One post a day

One blog post everyday... that's what I thought I will be doing soon if I blog for 1-2 posts a week.

Till Feb -end I was able to do, but after that in last 14 days, I have n't written single post. 1-2 remained at draft stage.

May be because, by and large, as  I have more than a few interests, that includes career, I may need sometime to make up my mind about the shape or color of blog it's going to be. Whatever it be, it'll be surely a value add for most readers, and definitely to me. And I won't write more than one blog, I'd like give  single minded focus.

I have unique experiences and understandings in many aspects, now am contemplating for a blog, I'll be able to deliberate upon many one by one, and can create interesting & insightful read with each.  And I'm excited it'll show a new world, as I will be possibly touching many dormant remembrances of many.

Every weekend I've been catching up on many a great blogs, and they have been too helpful, and especially Seth Godin's blog is one that really made blogging much easier for me.

It will be really challenge for me to find time henceforth, but I gotta do one post a day at any cost, as long as I blog. This will be a daily habit for me. I can see many readers out there awaiting to hear what I got to say!

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