Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you sure ?.....Are you really good..?

Everything is relative! And so is being good.

In some communities, one is considered good when he or she is really good & productive! eg., when one is studying really good & making good grades, or because he treats others well, and actively cooperates, or because he has got good descipline and great attitude, or because he's earning good money smartly, or because he figures his way out of any situation, or more importantly because he knows himself, or because he exercises daily & take care of his health well, or because  he's successful in career and life, or because he is in his own business & doing very well, and / or  he's a long term thinker etc.

In some, one is considered good, when he's ok and not being bad! eg., One is considered as a very good man, as long as he does n't question and just follows whatever he was told to do, or he does n't shout in public, or because he does n't look at other women, or when he has n't exercised his vote at the hustings, or because he does n't bargain, or trade - nor even he knows,  or as he is not dishonest nor he lies, or he never complains or as he's going to temple frequently, or because he just passed in his exams, or because he does n't fight with his fellow students or employees, or because he's paying bills even with late fee ...etc.

In some families, one is considered  good, as long as he's not being worse!  eg., one is considered good man, when he's not beating his wife or kids, or because he's not an alcoholic addict, or because he's not causing adultery, or because he's not stealing someone else's property, or because he's not mad at anything, or because he could n't complete his latest exam, or because he's not committing crimes to advance in life, or because he's good compared his friends, and his friends are the worse  ..etc.

So same person can be (defined as) good, bad or even worse, based on current or past surroundings he's in, that might be objectionable to people in different surroundings.

Now there is another important categorization of people:

  1. People that go by 'the goodness' or standards defined by their parents, friends, surroundings & society.
  2. People who go by their understanding of the world & pursue things of their interest.
  3. And third category that fall anywhere between these two. 
Perhaps 99% people fall in 1 & 3 categories, and most realize what it takes to be in 2nd, nor they can ever know what it's like

Now question yourself  'Are you really good?' and then 'Are you really sure?'


Sarat Chandra KRJ said...

"So same person can be (defined as) good, bad or even worse, based on current or past surroundings he's in, that might be objectionable to people in different surroundings."

can be said as " So same person can be (defined as ) good , bad or even worse , based on current or past surroudings he's in that might be objectionable to different people at different places (or surroundings )at different points of time. Time is a very crucial factor for all of this.

A Very Nice Analysis. Very much true.Enjoyed reading it.

Ravi Janardhan said...

Thanks Sarat for a refining, as well as validating comment!