Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Simplest way to meditate?

Recently when I was in our relatives house in a small village, I had learnt from a grand mother that many people are doing meditation, and it's being remedy for many health problems. I was excited to hear more. I always get attracted to anything that keeps doctors and hospitals away!

There are n number of meditation methods - and that often confuses a lot of people like me, so we will have no clue where to start, though many want to jump in.

Many methods are often interspersed with some religious chanting, which finds many pious and innocent followers. That's easy for them. But for someone who's agnostic, or someone who's not really comfortable with believing anything blindly, it will be difficult.

I believe meditation is nothing to do with any one's religious beliefs, hence it should reach people in a form acceptable to all. Through my searching, and after watching a few videos on Internet, esp Deepak Chopra's, and again after talking to one of my close friends, who's been religiously doing meditation for last 10 years, I came across a meditation practice which is simple for anyone to start.

It's simple:
  • Find a neat place/room - where you can sit some 15-30 minutes without having any distraction
  • Set a timer 15-30 minutes (you can use timer in mobile phone)
  • Now Sit comfortably in Padmasana (as shown in the picture below) & close your eyes. If that posture is difficult, she can just in a chair, with her feet touching the floor, while upper part of the body erect, as in Padmasana.

  • Start & keep observing your breath however it is,without interfering it.
Once the timer starts beeping, then only open your eyes and see how you feel inside! It's simply Wow! One has to feel it!

Process is simple. But not easy to follow, esp in the first few days, you find your mind is anywhere but observing breath. Don't panic. It's the same for anyone. Every time you do the meditation, you will feel better.

The more you find your mind's diversions, the more you need you stick to routine or practice, to improve the quality of meditation & direct result will be improved health.

I believe in the long run, all our health challenges have the root cause in 'mental or psychological cause'. And I think meditation works on that root cause, because it has the effect of soothing on our nerves - continuously done it will result in improved health. Also I find the best benefit you get is it helps you become more objective, with increased focus and concentration.

Hope this helps. I think the mentioned practice is the simplest way to meditate! Is there any better & simple way? Do the benefits change with the kind of meditation you practice? I have these questions in mind.

Any views or suggestions are most welcome!

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