Sunday, February 14, 2010

Railways ticket booking/cancellations: Coordination is lacking ?

I think a blog is nice place to vent your anger, and at the end of the day, there's no harm to anyone, and you end up posting your first hand experience. Perhaps the best that can happen is if the concerned people or authority came across the post & are sensible enough to understand, and to respond.

Today I had to cancel a train ticket booked last week. Called up the agent , whoever actually booked the same ticket online for me, and told him that the ticket has to be cancelled. He said, being Sunday his boy is holiday, and he can't help it. Nor he can suggest any alternative, where I can get the ticket cancelled.

Though I'm too busy, and no one is available at hand, I myself went to nearby railway reservation counter, for I did n't want to lose whole money I paid for ticket. I waited in queue until my turn came up at the counter.

The booking clerk did n't accept it saying that they can't cancel the ticket, as ticket was booked thru IRCTC, it has to be cancelled through them only, and SC Railways has nothing to do with it. More surprising thing is she did n't know where and how it can be cancelled.

#1.If ticket booked online can be equivalent to, that booked at reservation counter, why can't it be cancelled at any railway reservation counter?

Irritated, I called up the agent & demanded about what should be done. This time I sensed. he 's more understanding, suggested me to check at any eSeva counter. Oh, it was enlightening! train tickets can be booked at any eSeva or APOnline counter now, I seemed to have overheard somewhere now.

At the first eSeva counter I came across my way back home, the man in the counter said, for him to be able to cancel, it should have been booked through him. Now as it's not booked in that counter he can't cancel that.

#2.If ticket, whether booked at online, at eSeva counter, or at railway reservation counter have the same value and purpose, what's the sanctity in differentiating when it needs to be cancelled?

Is it a technical problem, and an awareness problem or difference among different counters? The readers of this post can avoid this problem by being able to do booking and cancelling at the same place. Perhaps I became wiser finding my nose going around my face !?! Perhaps I should have done it online myself, only I stopped all online transactions where linking to bank accounts is involved.

#3. If these issues are identified and agreed upon, when that will be resolved technically, when their software will be corrected & when the integrity of the systems can be felt?

The problem I faced in trying to cancel a ticket, can be felt by many. Hope somebody from Indian railways will have chance to look at this & respond!

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