Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's like going to toilet!

Ever since I have been thinking of blogging frequently, I've been being bombarded with so many ideas. At times I feel like I can give an unique angle to the so far discussed ideas, and at the other times, feel like I 'm no one to say anything, or perhaps I know not much or nothing. Perhaps this happens with everyone in the initial stage of blogging.

Sometimes I am feeling like I'm going to blog for myself and it may be the least useful to anyone. I just don't know. Since adolescent age, may be due to effect of 'being politically correct' education I never expressed myself strongly on anything, nor have a very strong viewpoint on anything. It's intended to give the least resistance to anyone I interact with, but I found out, in the process I don't know what I strongly feel about.

Perhaps one should start monitoring & respect his or her own feelings and nurture the deserved ones, by responding to them appropriately. That gives an identity, and individuality, and that makes you stand out for what you are. And it's very much necessary for someone who wants to be heard!

Like a muscle improves on constant usage/exercise, one must take cognizance of ones feelings, and weigh-out with logic and must respond appropriately. Over a period of time, right feelings will have a chance to grow, while other things get suppressed.

Someone rightly said 'It is like going to toilet'.
  • One should go when one feels like, if you ignore that it won't be good for you.
  • Nobody can do it for you, you have to do it yourself.
You know your feelings, nobody else can know exactly. To become a strong person, you have to value yourself, by nurturing yourself, by being honest to your feelings & thoughts. Don't wait for 'the auspicious day', perfect timing, or perfect blogging topic - there never is.

Perhaps I learned this lesson today, while writing these lines. But appreciate any other views?

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