Friday, February 19, 2010

The ultimate gift !

Can one be happy all the time?
Can't be!

Can one can be cool & smiling all the time?
No way!

Can one always be on the high & flamboyant?
Some people seemed to be endowed with such a natural gift! They attract every one's attention wherever they are! And they become center of attraction! They seemed to represent high spirits & high energy! They set the tone of the moment for all around them! Most importantly they enjoy being themselves!

But everyone has his/her own ups & downs. No body can be exception to that fact.

If you are honest in all your dealings, you have inner happiness! If you have a lot of drive, your honesty makes you feel like not only invincible, and it can alert you where you have to be careful!

But is being honest in all situations is possible? It's crooked world out there, filled with primitive mindset! They will be bewildered at your honesty, would promise to cut you in half, for they can't understand your honesty, for to be honest they need to be daring, and without the need of such virtue, you are being honest, that's what they could n't understand!

So it's all problematic. You can't be politically correct, while committing to be honest!

But no thing's bad, the world has been like this since the time it has been into existence! People who are brutally honest most of - if not all the time, become too great that the world can't ignore! They have been honest to themselves, before they are to any second person!

That's the key! You have to be honest with yourself! This you must do, if you value yourself! And you can do all the time! Then only your mind will be free of all crap!

Perhaps that's the ultimate gift you can give to yourself!

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