Sunday, February 28, 2010

What are you - early risers or late sleepers ?

Waking up early morning is a very important part of any day. Often it sets the course or tenor of the day!
Ideally everyone wants to wake up early! But best intentions are not enough. People can be classified into two categories: early risers & late sleepers.

Early Risers:
Successful people wake up early, often without alarm clock, and do the same most of their days. By the time the world wakes up, they will have at least one or two hours contributed to their lives. Even if they are not successful yet, their thirst & hunger to make things happen is imminent. They  try new ideas, make new habits, shed old habits, even with some die hard habits. Often they do things because they want to, rather than they need to, or they have to. Infact they often listen to their inner voice. They tend to have more mental balance and often respond to situations aptly. They like descipline, look to more descipline themselves. They enjoy life & being themselves!

They tend to plan & look ahead, and never waste time! In the long run, they are good leaders!

Late Sleepers:
Some people, may, always want to wake up early, but never actually leave bed before 7-7:30am ( or later), and when they do finally, it's always because they need to attend to some urgent obligation. They get used to sleeping while with the noise of alarm bell ringing. This kind of people, even if they are of high intelligence, and even if they have the best intentions, often wait for a direction from someone superior, rather than acting on their own, in important matters, if not in all cases. Often they are prisoners of their old habits, and very rarely they try new habits, and seldom they succeed at it, due to being used to comforts of old habits. They prefer quick fixes, rather than long hauls. They get carried away by their emotions. They enjoy good movies, and when they are free, watching TV is one of the first things that come to their mind! And they often sleep late!

They tend to feel sorry or nothing great about the whole past, and may skip today in those thoughts. 
In the long run, they remain as followers!

What are you?

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