Sunday, February 21, 2010

...being away from uneasiness!

Being uneasy is not a good thing for anyone!
Once in a while we all have such moments in life!

There can be many forms of uneasiness! Physical or otherwise.
We have to be prepared to face or avert it however form it may be in, lest being victim, means time loss !

If you exercise at least 15 minutes a day, and if you have been on the routine a couple of years already, more likely you feel fresh & energized everyday, and that's the best to happen daily. As then you will have more chances to enjoy and having fun, while rest all being the same! Perhaps more chances for making each day more productive! Sheer energy you feel can make a ll the difference! You feel like you are in control, and you are!

If you are physically fit, most of your all other problems or challenges look manageable! You feel like you are equipped to handle things better! And you may actually feel like knowing ' no problem ( or all combined problems ) is bigger than you' !

So any uneasiness is like a disease! We should look at prevention, rather than worrying about later!

Here are a few tips to avoid uneasy situations:
  • Exercise daily and drink lots of water!
  • Never go to any meeting, with your bladder full :) You can't just be yourself!
  • Take a break rather than wasting your time.
  • Promise lower than you know you can deliver!
  • Be ready to deprecate yourself rather than be embarrassed while someone else doing that for you! You will have audience for this act!
  • If you already feeling uneasy, sit somewhere comfortably & start monitoring your breath. Soon you breath will improve, and damn sure, you'll a feel better.
  • Always know: you get what you deserve - good or bad! So focus on improving your situation rather than not feeling happy about what you got!
  • If you are looking ugly, that's OK. Be glad to know that only attitude & work ethic matters, and you can always work on both.
  • Myth:'First impression is the best impression.' You are here to live your life, and not to impress others, even for the sake of job or further business! This realization keeps you devoid of uneasiness in such situations.
  • Making & admitting a mistake is a thousand times better than faking 'no mistake'!
  • Know what you have done right, along with where you have goofed up. The whole act improves your perception of reality.
  • If you have to hide anything from all, first all be away from that thing.
  • Never take anyone or anything for granted.
  • If there are someone gone ahead of you, be glad you can also do.
  • Expect uneasiness, and embrace it, you will have more stamina & better equipped for life's situations!
and so on.

Look forward to any different views!

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