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How to get into politics?

How to get into politics?

Leaders of all political parties, welcome youth to join politics, with open arms. Its evergreen cliche.

But no party or leader to guide them beyond that glorified entry point. What after? Just become a member of party, and be on the invite list of party events & programmes? Or be activiely involved in public protests by opposition parties? Be active communicators of the ruling party?

For a democratic country like India, where minimum governance is still a pipe dream, every political activist's role is crucial.

In most cases politicians at lowest rung would be used by leaders to execute at the goundlevel  their political gameplans. Party hierarchy is defined with key posts to people who can lead party into next elections or who can better convey their message to the masses, apart from working as efficient functionary.

When most jump into fray?

Most top cadre politicians start at ground level, beginning at school/ college elections. Post education, they join mainstream, with anchors as already built up contacts, and try to grow from there.
Eg:- Chandra Babu Naidu

Chandra Babu Naidu

Some jump into the fray, as their family is already into it, and they become automatically accepted as leaders, by masses. And these hold key positions from beginning due to weight of family.
Eg:-  Nehru Gandhi family and Rajasekhar Reddy family etc




Nehru Gandhi family



Rajasekhar Reddy family

There's a third category, and rarely, people already into some professions, get into politics, motivated by right opportunities...
While the former was a College faculty, and the later was from business family. Another good example is Ganta SrinivasaRao, who is a seasoned politician, and a minister in current AP govt, was well established into business, before taking plunge into politics.

Eg:- Dadi VeeraBhadra Rao and Konathala Ramakrishna of Akp.

Dadi VeeraBhadra Rao

Konathala Ramakrishna

The way forward?

A politician has to be sensitive while not being so in many aspects.
In most cases, if you are financially (very) well off and able to take chances at opportune times, sky can be said to be the only limit, beyond dictats by high command of the respective party. For all others, it depends on their efficiency and streetsmartness, as ideally no one wishes best for you, as all are competitors, some or the other way.

In most cases, people become extraordinarily rich in a matter of decade or so, especially if they hold MLA/ ministries, irrespective of how they started.


In India, its the most powerful career option. Nothing moves here, without politician's involvement.
You will have a chance to do greatest good or worst harm, only possible by being a politician.
Being famous ( as well as notorious) is part of package.


Unless you are financially well off, it might be difficult to have good innings.
Its 24x7 involvement, it might  reduce your personal and family time, may cut away personal pleasures/ obligations.
Its not possible to have private life, in public.
You can be subject of people's ire,  sometimes, without your doing.


Instead of cursing bad politicians, its better to join politics, and to put in efforts to change to an extent possible. And one should be thick skinned enough to handle things in unforeseen situations. Overall politics in India, presents immense opportunities to do more than anyother avenue.

Eager to know your feedback for this article,  along with your pick for favourite politician, with a reason

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