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State Of Scholarships In India

The Indian education system is getting a great demand because of its methodical and quality education process. The education system is basically controlled by state level and at the center level too. Scholarships in India for college and school students are offered for the past 6 decades to continue the studies for various courses. The government of India, other governments, public and private organizations and Indian universities offers massive types of scholarships for Indian and also international students who like to study in India or abroad. There are a significant number of scholarships for masters, bachelors, PhD, postdoctoral degrees, distance learning programs, short courses, training programs and fellowships. Even state government and central government offering best scholarship for SC/ST students to bring them level up. 


Scholarship is the boon for the students who belongs to society weaker section and who are unable to continue further education. Scholarships in India are a great incentive and encouragement for candidates, who are talented and interested to study further. There are plenty of scholarships available in India that includes merit based, student specific, college specific, need based and career specific. The ministry provides external and national scholarships to the needy. National merit scholarship scheme provides great financial assistance to any meritorious students from post-Graduation to Class XI level in universities and government colleges/schools. The total number of scholarships is divided among the state boards depends on the particular state population in age group of 25 to 18 years. Under DBT (direct Benefit Transfer), the scholarships can be disbursed into the beneficiary’s bank accounts directly. 

The main purpose of providing scholarship is to help the students financially cope with their dream of achieving higher studies. Moreover, there are many misconceptions that thesescholarships are only for the students with good academic background. Don’t pond with such rumors, the scholarship isavailable for eligible students who are in need. 

Each and every scholarship has its own rules, it is necessary to familiar with all the features and information before applying for the scholarship. The internet is the best place to search the details and needed information to apply and benefit through the scholarship. 

The prime ministers scholarship scheme has been announced to the students belongs to Jamu & Kashmir state. Sikkim University, Gangtok announced scholarships for Mphilcandidates. 2016 national scholarship announced to the students with disabilities for about 2500 students. Eligible candidates can apply through online to enjoy the benefits. 

The national scholarship portal is the great solution to get the solution for end to end process of scholarship from student application, sanction, verification and also disbursal to beneficiary offered by the Government of India. TANA foundation USA offers graduate scholarships for Telugu candidates who resides in Andra Pradesh to acquire higher level education in the USA. ONGC announced 500 scholarships for ST and SC students for the eligible candidates. NEST also announced a scholarship scheme for degree students of medical, engg, and science for the year 2016. 

AICTE scholarship to girl child scheme helps to promote the technical education like architecture, applied arts, pharmacy, engineering. For this scholarship,a girl must pass class 12 and they can apply through post or online. This scholarship is awarded for 4000 candidates worth up to 50,000 Rs per year.


Merit cum scholarship for the minority students offers financial assistance to the meritorious and poor students belongs to the minority communities to complete their technical and professional course. This scholarship covers Rs 25000 to 30000 per year. The student must pass class 12 and graduates of Parsis, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian community. Apply online from June to September. 


Students from 11yrs to 35 yrs can apply for Gaurav foundation scholarship by email which is available from September to November. 


Center sector scheme for class 12 scholarship can be applied through the  post and online. Students are awarded with Rs:10,000 per year for about 3 years when it comes to graduation course. Rs. 20,000 per years when it comes to masters course. 

Merit scholarship

It is the most common scholarship type which is only awarded by the merit basis. Total excellent academic achievements needto get eligible to qualify the scholarship. 

Athletic scholarships

This scholarship is provided based on the skills that an athlete need to demonstrate his/her excellence in the area. The students who are excellent athletes in the school time, then their college education paid through this athletic scholarship. 

Need based scholarship

This scholarship is applicable for the students who are economically weak in the society and proposed to help the less fortunate candidates to get the academic degrees. 

Major- specific scholarship

These days, many colleges and institutions provide scholarship to students in a specific subject. To get this scholarship, the student must have an excellent track record on that specific subject.

Minority/ religious and Ethnic Scholarships

Few ethnic groups, religious organizations and minority communities also offer financial help to the members to pursue the desired education. 


Few scholarships are offered in the fellowship form. Usually the students use this to conduct research or study advanced degree in the field. It covers the cost of courses and research. 

Scholarships are far better than the loans. By acquiring the scholarship, it helps to considerably reduce the cost of studies which is the most cost effective tool to achieve. 

Government of Kerala has the portal to get the details of DCE scholarship and it allows to apply online too. They provide wide types of scholarship includes PMS, CSS, SMS, MSCT, HS, MGS, BPHFC, JS, MFAS, SSE, MNS and MSCT. Likewise, each state in India like, TamilNadu, Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat and so on has its own scholarship portal to get the details about the scholarship from Kinder Garden level to Postgraduate level. 




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