Friday, October 30, 2015

Options before Jagan Mohan Reddy !

What Jagan Mohan Reddy achieved by Deeksha?

He failed to get enough sympathy from other parties as well as the masses, perhaps due to his high hand drama activities like Odarpu yatras, which are too ridiculous for the purpose it meant.

Almost no sane person need to be consoled years after his leader died, even in the idealist scenario. And people can sense it.

Did the government did the right thing by stopping it by force?

One thing is it's government's responsibility to keep law & order in control, to post as great destination to attract business investments...etc. its all the more surprising that both ruling party, nor opposition criticise or condemn BJP, the ruling party at the centre, for their own reasons.

What's that achieved by not attending Sankusthapana?

Frankly nothing much, nor he would have gained by attending to the same. Attendance is not important, but how constructive they sound outside, is going to be vitally important. And people can remember.

There's no political vacuum in state, especially after Chandra Babu, and Pawan Kalyan, and hence it really requires more than political manoeuvring, to the unprecedented levels, to make any gains.

Objectives/ responsibilities of being a politician ?  Situation in AP?

It's tough to work against seasoned politician like Chandra Babu Naidu, that too when he's in power. And as its his imminent responsibility to build capital city from scratch. Once it's in place, though it will be long from now, he will keeps getting adulations from around, and and it's difficult to make opposition to make a strong base or position to make their case.

It's anathema to being a politician, like being on a shaky ground.

Two Options before Opposition party

#1  to continue in the same vein, while ensuring they are not being laughed yet

In politics, especially in India, politics comes before all. In the name of it, parties get blind to even obviously good & constructive measures by any party, other than their own. Often it goes against the good of people and state, but no one gives a thought about it. All that matters is their own party interests. Perhaps people are not savvy enough, yet, to realize this.

Anything other than that, is not digestible to politicians. It continues in independence India.

Being blindly loyal to the extent of sycophancy, is basic step to being and growth of politician.

#2  conditional behaviours and tactics

in interest of building new state, there they can be every where, and try to en-cash every possible way, while making govt work & accountable.

While it's not easy as it sounds, this is to be the way going forward.  They have to be more nimble, and opportunistic.

With this approach he would not have issues or inhibitions to rub shoulders with people in power, including anyone and everyone, while make his voice heard enough, projecting themselves as standing for state's interests.

But this requires more innovation on the part of parties, and the party in ruling takes all steps to cut the opposition to size, so that no iota of any credit, in the eyes of public, goes to them.

His Friday ritual is still on top of his mind?

To what extent he's to fear of the cases that have been pending against him, that will not help him play effective politician's role....worse being in opposition. He can't fight beyond certain extent, of course he only knows, if he has chance of getting reprieve from the pending cases. Is he just became victim of political vendetta against him, by then ruling congress at the centre, due to which he was in jail for 16+ months?

Is it the reason behind his meeting with Ramoji Rao ?

Well, all talk, and nothing known to public.
In any case, as mentioned in this article, the opposition must be nimble enough to support cause based support, and wary enough to ensure to make it stand out, at vantage points, while making government work extra hard, accountably.

Hope people in opposition to come to their senses, and put their act in place.


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